27 May 2017: Arsenal win the FA Cup for a record number of times.

27 May 2017: Arsenal beat Chelsea 2-1 to win the FA Cup for a then record 13th time.

It also made Arsene Wenger the manager with the most FA Cup victories in history.  Alexis and Ramsey got the goals, while Moses was sent off for one of the most blatant and appalling dives in the history of the FA Cup.

It also made Arsenal the only team to win the FA Cup three times in four years, twice.  The results also meant Arsenal won nine of their final ten games of the season.

As things then stood in 2021 Arsenal had won the FA Cup 14 times, and been runners’ up seven times making a total of 21 appearances. The nearest team to them were Manchester United with 12 wins and eight defeats in the final, making 20 appearances.

Chelsea and Tottenham were next with eight wins and Liverpool come in fifth with seven, half the number of wins that Arsenal have had – although they have equalled Arsenal for being losing finalists seven times.

Mr Wenger became the person to have won the FA Cup more than any other single person with seven victories to his name. Even the managers from the late 19th century when only a handful of teams entered the competition did not get to that total.

Since then Arsenal have won the FA once more, under Mikel Arteta in 2020.  This makes the list of main winners….

  • Arsenal 14 wins, 21 final appearances (66% success rate in finals)
  • Manchester United 12 wins, 20 final appearances (60% success rate in finals)
  • Chelsea 8 wins, 16 final appearances (50% success rate in finals)
  • Liverpool 8 wins, 15 final appearances  (53% success rate in finals)
  • Tottenham Hotspur 8 wins, 9  final appearances (89% success rate in finals)
  • Aston Villa 7 wins, 11 final appearances (64% success rate in finals)

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