Ever fancied visiting the site of Arsenal’s first ever match?

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If you have ever wondered where Arsenal’s first game was played, when they played their one game under the name of Dial Square FC, here’s a map that shows you.

This map was created by Janne Niemikorpi.  But first a map of the area today – just click on the map to make it bigger…

And the guide…

The first ever game played by the team that became Royal Arsenal, then Woolwich Arsenal, then The Arsenal, and finally Arsenal was played on the Isle of Dogs under the name Dial Square FC (Dial Square being the factory within the Royal Arsenal that the players worked at.

Notes below:

1 Plumstead Common football pitch, where the first game as Royal Arsenal was played on 8 January 1887.

2. Sportsman Ground Plumstead, club’s home from 1887-88, now the site of Belmarsh prison

3.  Manor Field / Manor Ground.  Site of the first ever league match in 1893.

4.  Invicta Ground.  Home from 1890 to 1893, and scene of the first ever FA Cup game beyond the preliminary rounds


5 Prince of Wales Pub.  On 4 October 1886 Dial Square Cricket Club’s end of season meeting took to the decision to play football.

6.  The Star.  Used as the very first dressing room in 1886.

7.  The Lord Raglan Pub.  The club’s HQ for the 1886/7 season

8.  O’Dowds.  Was called the Green Man Pub at the time and was the dressing room for the Manor Ground in the 1890s.

9. Lord Derby and Plumstead Radical Club.  The Lord Derby was a fan favourite in 1893.

10.  The Who’d A Thought It.  Owned by Jock Craib, club director and chairman in the early 1900s

11.  The Old Mill pub, thought to be a source of tips from the landlord.

12.  The Ship

And if you want to see what it is like today you can do this on Google maps through this link

To see this map in larger format just click on it.






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