12 August 2007: Arsenal continue their 27 match unbeaten run.

So all-encompassing was the “49” unbeaten run and the unbeaten season itself in terms of Arsenal’s history, and so overwhelming the baying of the journalists who insist that nothing is right at Arsenal because Arsenal have not won the league for a number of years, that it is easy to forget other terrific runs that Arsenal have had.

The 2007 run was one such that needs to be remembered.  It began on 9 April 2007 in an inauspicious goalless draw away to Newcastle, as Arsenal ended the season with a seven-game unbeaten run.

And yet we have to admit that four of those games were draws.  But on 12 August at the start of the new season Arsenal beat Fulham 2-1 as they continued with a 20-match unbeaten run in League and European games Van Persie and Hleb scoring.  Arsenal played 19 more games before facing defeat – in the Champions League.  21 games if you want to include the league cup as well.

And this run was not dominated by draws – there were 17 wins and just four draws in that run including such notables as

  • 15 September: Tottenham 1 Arsenal 3
  • 22 September Arsenal 5 Derby 0
  • 23 October Arsenal 7 Steaua București 0

The run finally ended on 27 November with Sevilla 3 Arsenal 1


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