Far beyond simply the best. This is Arteta’s Arsenal.

By Tony Attwood

There once was a time when Arsenal was revered as the best team in the country.  In fact there was more than one time.   And yet somehow of late it seemed to slip away.

Last season’s fifth position was indeed an improvement on coming 8th (twice) – our worst position since 1995.   And you’ll recall how last season started with seemingly every journalist on the planet calling for Arteta to be sacked on the spot, while pointing out that this was our worst start to the season, since… well, actually most writers couldn’t agree because they are not that good at history, but they did think it was the worst in quite a few years.

Then we went ten games unbeaten, and would you believe it, by the start of November Arsenal were fifth.

In fact, if you are a regular Untold reader you’ll know that if one made a league table up of the last 35 games of last season, we were third, with Tottenham Hotspur languishing in fifth, seven points behind us.

And now,  as you will most certainly know, the world has changed for the better, and everyone but everyone is waiting to see how far we can take this form.  And this time it is appears to running the whole year. 

Poor Tottenham after pipping us to fourth last year they must be wondering how we’ve arranged this improvement while they are still lurking around in third.

Indeed as things stand, Arsenal have not only gone beyond the bounds of being a top five club in terms of league position, and whilst we take a break for the World Cup, there is always  NetBet to keep you entertained.

And that of course is good news for Arsenal, which has from its earliest days attracted support from across the world.

I’m not immediately sure if any other teams in the UK have four Brazilians in their senior squad, but we certainly have.  Of course it is slightly confusing that they mostly seem to be called Gabriel but they are quite clearly different players.  

Indeed I’d say Gabriel Martinelli is the most dazzling amazing and extraordinarily talented forward we’ve seen since Thierry (not forgetting the fact that Manchester United turned him down after four trials).

And all that without even mentioning Edu who was apparently instrumental in bringing everyone to the show.  So, you can just imagine the level of demand in Brazil for live streaming of Arsenal games there is in São Paulo.  (Better still the time difference is only four hours so it is not as if anyone has to get up in the early hours to watch the game.)

Are we going to make it to the end of the season?  Of course we are.   Just as I knew we would make it through the 2003/4 season unbeaten even when we were 1-0 down at half time in the final match.

I’m totally sure Arsenal are back, and nothing you can say will convince me otherwise.

Not too sure about Tottenham though.

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