Does Mikel Arteta’s Past Point To A Bright Future?


Mikel Arteta is confident about Arsenal’s future, but does he have a right to be? Click here to read more about his past achievements.

If there’s one thing that Arsenal can be thankful for so far in this EPL championship, it’s their defence. Without question, Arsenal are defensively one of the strongest sides in the league, and this can largely be attributed to the workings of Mikel Arteta.

While Arteta played in midfield with Arsenal in 2011, even back then, he was known for his ability to hold the ball and keep it out of the back line, complete with some fierce attacks that saw him score a total of 41 goals and 42 assists for the club.

This kind of variation is plain to see in Arsenal’s formations today. So far in the EPL, they have had just the one loss, with some incredible defensive performances against Man City and Man United.

So how far can they go exactly, and does Mikel Arteta’s past point to a bright future in this league and the seasons beyond it?

Arteta’s Trophies

As a new Arsenal fan watching the team take to the field this season, there might be a lingering sensation of hope at the back of your mind. As mentioned before, Arsenal have only had one loss. They’re looking good. They’re looking fit, and they’re looking confident. But has an EPL team ever gone an entire season without a loss?

The only time that’s happened was twenty years ago, when Wenger’s Arsenal ploughed through the entire EPL season without suffering a single “L” on the table.

That’s what a lot of people are pointing to when they talk about their attack right now – with certain formations and tactics harkening back to the Wenger team of old. But we would say there’s more to it than that. Arsenal’s attack can actually be traced back to Man City’s attack, around 5 years ago.

It was at this time that Mikel Arteta was assistant manager for the club, and with Man City, Arteta helped secure two EPL titles, an FA cup and two EFL cups. In our opinion, he seems to be bringing Man City’s style of attack into Arsenal’s strategy, beating Man City – and nearly every other team – at their own game.

Arteta’s Arsenal Career

As we mentioned before, Arteta also has a history with Arsenal. Back in 2011, he signed a deal that kept him playing with the side for five years, leading the team to consecutive FA cup trophies in the process.

This could be incredibly important when it comes to their future. Arteta knows this club. He knows how the management works, he knows what gets the most out of players, and he can implement his own Arsenal experiences into the way he forms his team. Together with his coaching skills he picked up at Man City, this could be an incredibly beneficial combination.

Whether he can get this Arsenal squad to play like the Gunners team of 2003/04, that’s a question for another day. But for right now, Arteta looks to be the perfect man to transfer his experiences to the side and push them towards glory.

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