Woolwich Arsenal – Directors and Shareholders family information


In the past Tony has requested information from readers who knew or thought they knew that their relatives played for Woolwich Arsenal.

As we are nearing the drafting section of the  book, this is a similar request but concerning anyone whose relative was a director or who has been told their ancestor was a shareholder. We have the full list of the 1893 shareholders so can easily check to see who was a shareholder.  We have noted that amongst the original 923 shareholders was Charlie Buchan’s dad, as well as the great-great grandfather of one of the authors wives, who was a librarian at the Royal Arsenal.  

In particular, but not exclusively,  we are looking for any family or other information on the following directors who all served the club at Plumstead:

George Lawrance

George Leavey

James Cavey

Arthur Kennedy

William Craib (included as he was also the landlord of the “Who’d a thought it”, which was my local when living near Plumstead Common)

Dr John Clarke

Alfred McQueen


There are a few other publicans of interest

Thomas Loader (landlord of the Royal Oak)

John Bailey and his son Walter Bailey (Landlord of the Lord Derby)

George Pike Weaver (owner of the Green Man in Plumstead High Street and the Invicta Ground) 


We are also looking for family information about committee men from the Royal Ordnance Factories

Alf Singleton

William Reid

Henry Stewart (sometimes Steward)

George Champion


Please leave a comment or contact either Mark at mark.andrews33@ntlworld.com or Andy at: andrewkelly@ntlworld.com if you have any details you think may be of interest.

2 Replies to “Woolwich Arsenal – Directors and Shareholders family information”

  1. Hi,My grandfather told me before he died that he had an arsenal shareholding, which he sold to by his first house in 1925.
    The shares were given to him and all his brothers by his grandfather
    Thomas Ward a woolwich based auctioneer.
    I just wondered if there are any Ward showing in shareholders list?

  2. Laurie I am sorry to say I don’t have information on who owns individual Arsenal shares, but if you write to the club I am sure they will help you find out.

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