When did Arsenal win their first ever trophy? Clue: the anniversary is tomorrow.

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By Tony Attwood

By this question about Arsenal’s first ever trophy we don’t mean the Football League or the FA Cup.  We mean the very first trophy of any kind that Arsenal won.

We ask, because the anniversary of that first ever trophy win is about to come up.  In fact the actual day is March 1st.

So, in true Arsenal History Society style we shall be announcing the anniversary with all due pomp and ceremony, with a parade across Woolwich, dancing girls, a fly-past of World War I planes, and a celebratory commemorative match on the pitch on which the first game was played.

Actually I may have got a bit carried aware there.  Not all of that will happen.  Actually most of it won’t happen.  But we will have the announcement on March 1 of the anniversary of the first ever trophy to be won by an Arsenal team.

I do hope you will enjoy the moment – even without the dancing girls.  Or the football match.  Or the fly past.  Or the parade.

And meanwhile before all that here’s some other big things.

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