The Anniversaries of Arsenal (please help us build the list)


We’re building a list of anniversaries of the club.

It is quite interesting that as we are in the 125th year of the club, and approaching the 100th anniversary of the move to Highbury, there is no big list of anniversaries available, so clearly this is something to be set up.

Our list has only just started, so there’s not many here thus far, and we haven’t got the links in properly, but it would be great if you could help.  Just comment below, and we’ll put the dates into the list which sits permanently on this site (see link above).

Thus the list on the link above will gradually become bigger than this starting point below.


23 April: First FA Cup Final – lost to Cardiff

26 April  Anniversary of the rebirth of the club

26 April: Last ever game at the Manor Ground (drew 1-1) 1913

26 April: First major trophy – beat Huddersfield in FA Cup Final 1930

28 April: Won first ever European trophy beating Anderlecht 1970

3 May: Beat Tottenham 0-1 at WHL to win the league 1971

22 June: First ever AGM of Woolwich Arsenal FC.  Jack Humble, chairman.  1893

2 September: First ever league match 1893.  Drew 2-2 with Newcastle.

6 September: First match at Highbury 1913.  Beat Leicester F 2-1

1 October: Arsene Wenger takes over as manager 1996


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2 Replies to “The Anniversaries of Arsenal (please help us build the list)”

  1. not sure if this counts but this is my own list of the last type of each game at highbury

    Premier League – 7/5/2006 4-2 v Wigan
    Division 1 – 2/5/1992 5-1 v Southampton
    Division 2 – 24/4/1915 7-0 v Nottingham Forest
    FA Cup – 7/1/2006 2-1 v Cardiff City
    League Cup – 24/1/2006 2-1 v Wigan
    Champions League – 19/4/2006 1-0 v Villareal
    Cup Winners Cup – 6/4/1995 3-2 v Sampadoria
    UEFA CUP – 6/4/2000 1-0 v Lens
    European Super Cup – 1/2/1995 0-0 v AC Milan
    Testemonial – 17/5/2004 6-0 v England XI

    of that 10 i was at 8, the other 2 i was not born yet

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