Arsenal Anniversaries: Andy Ducat sold, 15 June 1912

Noting a date when a player was sold?  What’s the point of that?

And a player you might never have heard of???

In fact Andy Ducat was one of the greatest Woolwich Arsenal players, and while there are so many Woolwich Arsenal men of whom we know nothing there are some of whom we know a lot – because of their importance to the club and their fame.  Andy Ducat is one of them.

The AHS review of his life as a footballer is written here.

As for the commemoration of his departure – it was part of a policy that had been going on for many years – a way of trying to save money by selling off the best players and bringing in youngsters.  It can work as a policy – but it is tough going, and you need one hell of a scouting network to make it happen.

Arsenal had the luxury of being the only league club in south London at the time, but the other big London League clubs (Chelsea, Tottenham) were also on the look out for talent, and the Southern League clubs were not slow to show an interest in a youngster – and we had plenty of those in south London.

So the policy failed, and a year after Andy Ducat went, Arsenal were relegated for the only time in their history.

So 15 June – Andy Ducat’s departure – is worth noting, as a significant part of the slide down hill that ended in April 1913 with relegation.  But it was a journey that also took us to Highbury, and the rebirth of the club.

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