9th July 1976: Terry Neill becomes Arsenal’s manager

The Arsenal Anniversary File is an ever growing record of the important dates in the club.  We only started it a few months ago and already it has well over 100 important dates listed, with more being added each week.

Today, 9th July, is the 36th anniversary of Terry Neill signing as a manager.   Terry’s achievements are shown in the table below, which is taken from one of our articles on his time at the club as a manager:


League FA Cup League Cup
1976/7 8th 5th round 5th round
1977/8 5th Final (Ipswich) Semi-final
1978/9 4th Won (Man U) 3rd (Rotherham)
1979/80 4th Final (WHU) 5th (Swindon)
1980/1 3rd 3rd round 4th round
1981/2 5th 3rd round 4th round
1982/3 10th Semi-final Semi-final
1983/4 6th 3rd round 4th (Walsall)

In the League under Terry we improved but never really looked like winning the trophy – this was the era of Liverpool doing their long run of penalties in the last five minutes in front of the Kop.

The Arsenal History blog (this site) has two main series running: the anniversaries is one, and the history of the club through an investigation of each manager is the other.

For details of how Terry Neill did as a manager you might like to refer to these two sections:

Articles on Terry Neill as a manager at Arsenal.

Articles on Terry Neill’s signings:

More will be added over time – but of course if you would like to write about Terry or indeed Arsenal under any other manager, please do write in – send it to Tony.Attwood@aisa.org as a word file attached to an email.  Do put your name as you would like it to appear in the article, at the top of the article.

Finally, we have in the past run other series, and are always interested in adding to them – if you would like to contribute an article on any of these series please do take a look, and then drop me a line.




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