Arsenal vs Blackburn: the story from 100 years ago

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Arsenal v Blackburn 100 years ago

 The 1909/1910 season for Woolwich Arsenal was not exactly the lowest point of the club but it was certainly not far short.

 The club escaped relegation from the fist division by just two points, with a game to go, and also managed to go bust.

 Blackburn Rovers, although coming third in the league that season were entering a poor period by their standards.  While Arsenal had never won anything of note by this time, Blackburn, having been a founder member of the Football League, and a permanent member of the First Division since the league was split in half in 1892, had already won the FA Cup five times, and were on the edge of their first Championship which then won for the first time in 1912.

 Woolwich Arsenal, the works team playing in a small town in Kent, were making limited progress.  They ended this season 18th out of 20 in the first division, while Blackburn were third.  A mere 37 goals from 38 games for Arsenal tells the story.

For the 1909/1910 Woolwich Arsenal vs Blackburn was played on

February 12 1910 in front of a crowd of 7,000.  There was no official maximum attendance for the ground, but 27,500 had been recorded the previous season, which was probably as many as could be held at that time.

 Arsenal duly lost 0-1, and it was the start of a run of five without a win.  We had one international in the team, A Ducat, a right half (number 4) who played for England.

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