The Arsenal player who managed Tottenham and helped secure their first title

By Tony Attwood

Each day in the Anniversary section of this site we remember an Arsenal event.  Today, April 2nd, we recall Joe Hulme making his England début v Scotland in Glasgow. England won 2-1.

This was an era of fewer international matches than today, and each was significant to the club and the players.  And none more so than the games against Scotland.

But Joe Hulme was more than just a good footballer during Arsenal’s dominance of football in the 1930s.  He was in fact at the heart of much of Herbert Chapman’s careful planning, and we look at this in the article: Joe Hulme and Chapman’s brilliance with wingers.

As you may know, on this site every manager of Arsenal has his own section, and of course the Chapman section is crammed with articles.

Joe Hulme played both outside right and outside left and such was his success, and indeed the success of Chapman in developing players to the position we have commemorated that, and Joe Hulme, in an article “Chapman’s brilliance with Wingers”.

As for the Tottenham connection, Joe became assistant manager and then manager of Tottenham from 1945 to 1949.  Although he had little success, although clearly did bring in some of the players that won the league for Tottenham in 1951.  (He wasn’t the only player to do this of course, for there was also Terry Neil.)

A complete review of how Chapman developed each part of the team under his control is given in the series Chapman’s men, position by position.

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