Chelsea relegated, but Arsenal’s future remains in doubt

The final results of the 1909/1910 season were in and it was indeed Chelsea who went down from the first division.  They  had simply run out of games while in  the final week others were finishing off their unplayed  matches.

It finished…

18th Woolwich Arsenal 31 points

19th Chelsea 29 points

20th Bolton Wanderers 24 points

with Chelsea and Bolton relegated.

They were replaced by Manchester City and  Oldham Athletic, Oldham beating off Hull City and Derby County on goal average

1st Manchester City 54 points

2nd Oldham Athletic 53 points

3rd Hull City 53 points

4th Derby County 53 points.

At the foot of the table were Grimsby Town of 24 points and Birmingham City on 23 points.  As usual the clubs in the League then had a vote, deciding between those two and a range of others who applied.  As a result Grimsby were thrown out and were replaced by Huddersfield Town.

There’s a few curious coincidences here.  Grimsby and  Birmingham were both promoted to division 1 in 1901, Birmingham coming down one year later and Grimsby two years later.  Grimsby came back in 1911 in the place of  Lincoln City.

Curiously 100 years on Grimsby on again on the  edge of  falling out of  the league – being one from bottom with one game to go.  If Grimsby win the final game of the 2010/11 season and  Barnet lose, Grimsby stay up.  Otherwise they are out.


The full story of the  year 1910 in the history of  Arsenal is covering in Making the  Arsenal, with the year seen through the eyes of a Fleet Street journalist.

There’s  details  of Arsenal today on Untold Arsenal

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