8 April: The end of time

By Tony Attwood

Three last game anniversaries happened on 8 April – or at least three that we have managed to trace.

8 April 1922: Last senior game for Angus McKinnon

8 April 1939: Last senior game for Alex Wilson

8 April 1986: Last senior game for Paul Mariner

The Alex Wilson article will have to wait for another day (unless you would like to write one for me in the next few hours.

But the two players we do have, McKinnon and Mariner, had very different levels of involvement with the club in very different eras, and it is interesting to see how much matters had changed in 64 years.

You can read all of our Anniversaries  here

The other main index that we keep building is Arsenal’s Managers which quite possibly has information on managers you might not even know about!

More anniversaries tomorrow.

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