One of the iconic moments in the history of Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

A while back I wrote a little series of articles about the iconic moments in the history of Arsenal.  Of course for one of them I inevitably include 3 May 1971: Beat Tottenham 0-1 at WHL to win the league 1971.

Here’s the full list

Part 1: Opening the club to all comers

Part 2: The Great Conspiracy – when they tried to shut Arsenal down

Part 3: Death and rebirth in 1910

Part 4: 100 years since moving to Highbury – our next anniversary and our fourth iconic moment

Part 5: Gaining promotion in 1919

Part 6: The moment we signed Herbert Chapman

Part 7: Joe Shaw wins the league and introduces a genius

Part 8: The third consecutive championship victory, with each title won by a different manager

Part 9: Tom Whittaker wins the league

Part 10: When Arsenal finally lost its temper with the media

Part 11:  After 17 years without a trophy Arsenal finally get silverware

Part 12: Arsenal’s First Ever Silverware

Part 13: The last silverware as an amateur club

Part 14:  Winning the league at WHL 1971

Iconic moments 15: Cliff Bastin signs from Exeter

Part 16: When power moved from the owner to the manager

You’ll see why I have mentioned this again today – because number 14 on the list relates to today – 3 May – when we won the league at White Hart Lane for the first time.

I stopped at number 16, because I had finished all the key moments that I had in my mind at that time.  But there’s no reason why we shouldn’t go on.

So if you have any iconic moments that you think should be added to the list, do write in.  Either just send me a note of the date and time, or write a whole article if you prefer.   Please write to

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