Archibald Gray and Eddie Hapgood. Our anniversaries for 13 May

Today’s anniversaries:

13 May 1904: Archibald Gray joined Woolwich Arsenal

13 May 1933: Eddie Hapgood made international début

Part of the work on this site is to build the biggest ever Arsenal anniversaries record.  At the last count we had articles on about 500 events related to specific days, but at certain times of the year it gets a bit tough to find a story.

This is especially true at this time of year but even so we can usually find something, and today is no exception.  In fact today we have two such articles.

First of all there is Archibald Gray, apparently known (with that wry wit for which footballers are renown) as Baldie.  He played 184 games for Woolwich Arsenal between 1904 and 1912 – at which point he was transferred to Fulham – a transfer which itself is full of interest.

Eddie Hapgood was one of our all time greats, and we’ve got a couple of articles on him already on the site.  Click on the date link above to be taken to one, which then leads you to the other.

I do hope you find the Anniversary series interesting.  If you know of an anniversary that should be recorded here, please do write and let me know ( or better still write the article and email it to me as a Word file.    I have constantly focussed on older anniversaries, but there is no reason why something important for last season or the season before should not be included.

Ideally if you are writing please write about an anniversary that is at least a week away so I will have a chance to make it a feature for the day in question.

But as I said, I do also welcome being told of specific anniversaries without an accompanying article.  I’ll list them in the log of anniversaries (see link above) and try to do the article when that date comes up.

Tony Attwood

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