Friday May 13th 1910. Woolwich Arsenal hits the rocks, and prepare to resign from the league.

By Tony Attwood

100 years ago, it was not looking good.

May 11th – Leavey, the major shareholder in Woolwich Arsenal, admits he has not got enough local people to buy shares, and now must find others from outside the area to buy, or else put the club into administration.

May 12th – In a public meeting following a board meeting it is announced that talks with Fulham have come to nothing, and the directors of Woolwich Arsenal FC have opened discussions with Tottenham Hotspur and Chelsea, to see if their boards want to buy all or part of the club.  Tottenham is said to be interested.  The deadline is set for May 13th.  If there is no sale of the shares by then, the club will resign from the League and be wound up.

It was a real threat.  On May 12th we were one day from the end.

Friday May 13th. Friday the 13th indeed.  The club says not a word.  It looks like that is that.

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