Tomáš Rosický transferred 23 May, 2006.

By Tony Attwood (written 23 May 2013)

Tomáš Rosický  will be 33 within three months of the start of the 2013/14 season – and as the story goes Mr Wenger does not retain players over 30 years of age.

Except of course he does, on occasion, and watching Arsenal in the 2012/13 season with Rosický  playing is just a reminder of all that might have been had he not been afflicted by injury.

He came with the nickname “the little Mozart” because he could “orchestrate the midfield”.  (Actually I am not sure about Mozart’s midfield orchestration, but he could write the complete orchestral parts of a symphony as he composed – an ability which is considered by many musicologists to be unique.)

He (Rosický not Mozart) played for Borussia Dortmund after a €14.5 million transfer from Sparta Prague and when the club hit the financial buffers  he came to Arsenal on 23 May 2006.

I had my doubts at the time, not because of his footballing ability but because I couldn’t believe anyone could take over the number 7 shirt with the style and grace of the previous wearer…  Robert Pirès.

But during that summer there was an international tourney and Rosicky scored a sensational goal.  It made the mouth water and all doubts pass.

But… we all know what happened.  Rosický hit an injury crisis, and ultimately did not get a game during 2008–09 season because of a hamstring tendon injury.    He was in fact out for eighteen months but then no sooner was he back than in August 2009 he strained his hamstring.  It looked like we would never see his brilliance flourish at Arsenal.  He looked like Abou Diaby looks now.

However in January 2010, Rosický signed a two-and-a-half-year contract, and Arsène Wenger spoke of his contribution on and off the pitch.   But by 2011/12 it still looked as if we would never see the true brilliance of the man, and yet, against the odds he did come back.

On 26 February 2012, Rosický scored his first goal for two years against  Tottenham H.   It started the comeback that led to a 5-2 victory and the man of the match award, which he also got on that amazing night when we beat  Milan 3–0 in the Champions League.  He might not have been the sole cause of Arsenal’s re-birth in 2012/13 but he most certainly was part of it.

As Arsène Wenger said, “He was again outstanding tonight. In all of these games, he was one of the influential players and he does not always get the credit he deserves, so I would like to take this opportunity to give him this credit.”

And so, against all the odds and against all the predictions, and all the nonsense that the AAA threw at him, Rosický signed a new contract on 12 March 2012.

But… of all things he then got injured in Euro 2012.   I thought that might be it, but he came back, at first playing in the less important games, but finally showing his brilliance by the end of the season.

Here are his figures…

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Lg goals

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He will, as I said, be 33 this coming season.  I for one hope he can avoid injuries and will play on through that birthday, and give us more of what we saw on occasion last season.

And I can do no better than quote what has to say: “Impeccable vision, accurate passing and sharp turns of pace have long been strong suits of this exciting midfielder, who signed a new contract in March and was came third in the supporters’ Player of the Season poll at the end of the campaign.”

More of the same please.


The books…




3 Replies to “Tomáš Rosický transferred 23 May, 2006.”

  1. While manmy people may want the little Mozzart gone Iwould like to retain his ervice. Midfield is one area where work to win games is done so I hope Wenger realise that an old wisehead like Rossicky is godsent in terms of inculcating the younger players. Remember the shameful refusal to give Pires 2 years contract? And what massive has that caused us since then? We will never know but it still haunts Wenger as that mentality Pires had cant be bought or transplanted easily. Cesc Fabregas once said that he was 22 and had been longest in the team. Saying that when he came to Arsenal he found big players and for that reason you learn faster. I hope we can keep a few wiseheads to help younger ones in the team and also teach them club ethos.

  2. AW only keeps him ticking over because he is best mates with Cesc and if Thomas is still here then Cesc has a much better chance of being lured back! Expect to see Thomas coaching, painting and cutting the pitch over the next few years.

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