Today is Herbert Chapman Day

11 June is the day Herbert Chapman signed for Arsenal and became the manager that started our road to glory.

As you might expect, the Arsenal History Society site has a mass of articles about the great man – and we ourselves have done a little somethng to help commemorate Mr Chapman, for it was at a meeting between AISA Arsental History Society and Ivan Gazidis, the CEO of Arsenal, that the idea of a Chapman statue at the Emirates was first discussed.

But before we get into the full details of Herbert Chapman, who might like to put his work in context by having a look at our Index of Managers – complete with statistical comparisons.  Or if you have already seen that, then you might like the latest piece of research on this site:   Herbert Champman and the red and white shirts

And then you’ll be ready to dive in.   The indexation is by no means perfect here, but it gets better each time I attack it…

The Introductions.

How Chapman built his winning teams

Chapman – the players who won the league for the first time:

Chapman’s men, position by position

Season by Season

Special Features

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