Do you have historic Arsenal memories or information or news or…

By Tony Attwood

This site is the day to day outlet for the AISA Arsenal History Society.  For the most part it is written by three members of the Society – Mark Andrews, Andy Kelly and myself, but it is never meant to be exclusive.

If you have any thoughts on any specific aspect of Arsenal’s history, I’d very much welcome an article or two or more from you.  It might be about something you remember, something you were told by a parent, something you have researched…. anything providing it is not just a reprint of information that has appeared elsewhere.

It might fit in with an anniversary coming up, or not – there really are no rules except that the article must relate in some way to the history of Arsenal FC.  (I would add that recent history is particularly welcome.   2010 is as much history as 1893).

If you would like to write for us, the best thing might be to drop me a line first ( to outline your proposal.  But you can go straight to the writing if you prefer.  If so please submit your article as a Word file or by using Google Docs or as an rtf and send it attached to an email to me at that address.

At the top of the article put the title if you have one, and below that your name.  (If you don’t put your name on the article at the top the chances are I might publish it without proper accreditation to you.  If you want to use a nickname that is fine).

While you are pondering what to write about you might like to know that background work goes on all the time on the indexes.   The two main indexes are Arsenal Anniversaries and Arsenal’s managers.

If you have not visited either for some time you might want to have a look – they are being updated quite regularly.  For a full list of indexes see below – they might give you an idea of what to write about, and an idea of what has already been covered.  But, sadly the indexes (although improving month by month) are far from definitive.  So it is also worth searching on our own search facility (top right) to double check if we have covered something already.

But (you may ask) how many people will read my article/s?  I can’t predict how many will read a specific article, but at present around 140,000 visits a month – an astonishingly high number considering how specialist this site is.  Many of these visits are just to one particular article, but some people do then follow the links and read several articles.   What’s more, all articles remain on the site, and so will be there for as long as we keep this project going.  And the number of visits we get is rising month by month.

I do hope you will get in touch.

A list of indexes (some fairly complete, some only recently started, some started a long time ago, but not updated).  Please do remember that some of these themselves lead on to sub-sections.



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