When you are looking for an Arsenal Christmas present, try this…

Go in the Arsenal shop and you’ll find a load of Arsenal Christmas gifts.

Including the three books that the Arsenal History Society have produced.

But here’s an incentive.   You can get them in time for Christmas direct from the Arsenal History Society (that’s us) at a discount price.  Also if buying Making the Arsenal, which I wrote, I’ll sign that for you, with any dedication you want.  (I’ll do the same with The Club That Changed Football – although you’ll appreciate I am only one of the three authors).

If you want to read up about the books here are the details

The books…

If you want to buy just one of them directly from the Society here is the link to our shop (we are part of the publisher, First and Best).


If you want to buy two books for £20 it is


If you want to ask about the books or talk about them you can call me on 01536 399 013 during office hours (although I am not here all the time) or email me at Tony.Attwood@aisa.org

I do hope you will find at least one of the books of interest.

Tony Attwood


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