The 100th anniversary campaign gets official Arsenal recognition

The 100th anniversary campaign gets official recognition

On November 4th 2009, what we had hoped for happened: Arsenal FC gave official recognition to our campaign to commemorate the events of 100 years ago when Henry Norris took over Woolwich Arsenal and began the journey that led to Highbury (1913), promotion (1919), and Herbert Chapman (1925).

It was the events of 100 years ago that actually made this club not just by far the biggest club in London (our trophy achievements outshine every other southern club put together) but also eventually made us one of the top five clubs in the world in terms of consistency in the European Cup, financial stability, outstanding achievements and beautiful football.

I really do think that if this campaign had not begun a couple of years back then this season would have focussed on two other events (70 years since the first trophy and 40 years from the first European trophy) and we would have missed the foundations of it all.

The official recognition that I wanted, and which we got yesterday, came in the club programme against AZ – a full page on the events of 100 years ago and why they are important.

Now it’s time to build on that.

The next event, will be the launch of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association web site Arsenal History (join AISA if you want more advance news) and of course the book MAKING THE ARSENAL.  Meanwhile we are continuing to contribute articles to the player biographies on the official Arsenal site.

Making the Arsenal is a historical novel – it tells the story of 1910 through the eyes of a Fleet Street journalist who covered the developments of the club at the time.   I’ve written it this way in order to encourage people who never read history to read this and get the flavour of the times as much as the exact detail of the games and the club.   There’s more detail on

I can’t thank everyone individually here who has got us to the point of the official recognition of our campaign by the club, but I would just say, you are in my thoughts today.   This is our step forward – now we really have to bring the message to all Arsenal fans.   This is an important anniversary – the events of the season 100 years ago are a vital part of our history and must not be forgotten.

(c) Tony Attwood 2009

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