Today is the anniversary of Arsenal’s biggest ever win

By Tony Attwood

Today is the anniversary of Arsenal’s largest ever league win – the 12-0 defeat of Loughborough.

The story of the event is recorded by Andy Kelly here.

On this site we are building what I hope will be (and probably already is) the largest database of Arsenal anniversaries – there are over 3000 listed already with about 50% of them being linked to articles on this site, and (for a few contemporary events) on the Untold Arsenal site.

Most days a copy of the listings are put on the home page and there is an ever growing set of indexes:

It is a long and complex task, and I’m always grateful of help.

That help can take two forms.  First, if you spot a mistake (and I never hide the fact that there are quite a few scattered among all the articles and bits of detail) please do write in – ideally by sending a comment in reply to the article, or failing that to me at

Second, if you have information on an article, or would like to write an article for the site on an anniversary topic not yet covered, please do send it in to the same address.


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