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August 2020

The battle of the Spurs; hello technical director; pre-season cockup. Arsenal’s anniversaries

The arrival and non-arrival of Edu on this day in 2000 was a matter that made some Tottenham fans giggle a little, as the player was refused entry into the UK, (although this has no link with our commemoration of the day of The battle of the Spurs – see below) and they probably laughed […]

From Park Chu-Young to Alexis Sanchez: Arsenal’s anniversaries on 10 July

The Arsenal History Society, which presents these anniversaries each day, is part of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, a grouping which has direct access to Arsenal FC and is active in representing supporters’ views and opinions to the club, through regular meetings with directors and officials.

You can read about AISA’s work on its new […]

Whatever happened to Terry Neil

On this day in 1976 Terry Neil became Arsenal manager joining from Tottenham, where he had been a failure. He managed Arsenal for 416 games finally being replaced by Don Howe in December 1983, his one trophy being the 1979 FA Cup. His win percentage was 44.95% putting him 16th in the list of managers […]

Don Howe, Sol Campbell, David O’Leary, Anders Limpar… Arsenal anniversaries 8 July

Here are the anniversaries for today.

For the index of anniversaries month by month please see under “Pages” on the right side of the screen. The file for each month is updated at least once a year, normally at the end of that month.

Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to […]

David Platt after Arsenal, and his Italian adventure.

On this day in 1998 David Platt was released from his Arsenal contract. Twenty years on, as you will see below he became a consultant for U.S. Città di Palermo of Italy’s Serie B.

Looking at the anniversaries for this day I thought I’d see what happened to that club and perhaps what happened to […]

Why every scrap of evidence is vital for the football historian.

Football anniversaries are few and far between in July, but even so we have still found two transfers, an appointment of an ex-Arsenal player as manager of Derby County and the date on which Henry Norris made a speech.

The latter point, while seemingly of little interest to anyone, is one of those bits of […]

When Italian players finally had enough of the media and showed the world what they could do

The media eternally aim to persuade us that they simply report the news, but of course they always do so with a slant. For the mere selection of one item as news and another as not worth reporting itself results in bias.

Yet just occasionally they are caught out, as in 1982 when the Italian […]

When Bellerin signed a new contract…

The Arsenal History Society is part of Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, a group which is recognised by the club. You can find out more about AISA from its website

The History Society also has its own website (which you are currently reading) which contains numerous articles and series which explore Arsenal’s history and correct […]

When the government forced the League to stop playing games

When the first world war broke out on 28 July 1914, there was little thought of forcing the Football League to abandon the forthcoming season. There was no precedent for this, and besides the general view was that the whole affair would be over by Christmas.

As a result the 1914/15 season kicked off on […]

A salary cap for the Premier League

A salary cap is what was proposed by Ivan Gazidis on this day in 2009, but it was turned down the the Premier League clubs. Had it been accepted the explosion of expenditure by Chelsea would have been kept under control as would that subsequently at Manchester City. It is also likely that the availability […]

1 July: one of the busiest days in Arsenal’s history & Henry Norris’ attitude towards women

Most reports on Henry Norris, the Arsenal owner from 1910 to 1927, suggest he was a man of dubious character, fixing matches, not allowing his managers to manage, and most of all corruptly organising Arsenal’s election into the first division in 1919.

We’ve shown in great detail on this site that all these things were […]

Arsenal’s anniversaries on one of the busiest days in football

While much of June does not have many Arsenal related anniversaries to report, 30 June is the exception as it is the day on which contracts end and players are released. We’ve included quite a few of these below, particularly for more recent years.

30 June is quite a day in history – Tower Bridge […]

Remembering Don Howe – the first double side’s coach

On this day in 1971 Don Howe left Arsenal having coached the team to the Double. It can most certainly be argued that if he had stayed and acted as a moderating vision on Bertie Mee’s visions, the rapid decline of the club into a near relegation side would have been avoided.

Don Howe was […]

The gamble of Arsenal’s move to Highbury – a success from Day One.

On this day in 1913 Arsenal finally gained possession of the Gillespie Road site which became Arsenal Stadium – universally known as “Highbury”. Arsenal however didn’t own the ground; they had simply acquired a full repairing lease, meaning that they could do pretty much what they liked with the area (except sell alcohol therein) but […]

The Arsenal anniversaries for 27 June.

Here are the Arsenal anniversaries for today. The list of Anniversaries for all of July can be found here.

There is a separate file for the anniversaries for each month of the year adding up to a total of over 7000 entries – just take a look at the right hand column of the page […]

Arsenal anniversaries on 26 June, from Neill to Gould, from Nasri to Denilson

Here are the Arsenal anniversaries for today. The list of Anniversaries for all of July can be found here.

There is a separate file for the anniversaries for each month of the year adding up to a total of over 7000 entries – just take a look at the right hand column of the page […]

The truth about Chapman’s centre half revolution

It is interesting how the commentaries of writers in past years are so often taken as being documentary proof of what happened, when in fact those who write about football in the past, often end up taking just one writer as their source of evidence.

In other historical contexts this doesn’t happen, as researchers seek […]

The fiasco of the 1950 world cup, and a few problems for the 2022 finals.

The 1950 world cup began on this day, and as you can read in the summary below, it was a total farce. One might have hoped that after this fiasco Fifa could have started to get things sorted out, but it seems not. At the moment of writing today’s anniversary page we find that Infantino, […]

The very curious signing and first appearance of Patrick Vieira

Today is Patrick Vieira’s birthday. Here’s part of what Wiki says about him…

Regarded by pundits as one of the best players ever in his position, Vieira was a complete, powerful, tenacious and aggressive footballer, with outstanding physical, athletic and technical attributes, who was also known for his grace on the pitch when in possession […]

What happened to Arsenal on your birthday? Here is the data for 22 June

Many of the supporters I have talked with about the development of the Arsenal anniversary files have told me that on finding the whole set of 7000+ anniversaries on this set the first thing they have done is look to see what happened on their birthday.

And I think of this because today, by chance, […]

Celebrating the anniversary of Dennis Bergkamp’s arrival at Highbury

When the wonderful Dennis Bergkamp arrived on this day in 1995 he obviously had no notion what was going to happen. His life in Italy had been miserable, as the media had regularly made fun on him and his alleged inability to get through a match without making a howler.

In his first season at […]

The rise and fall of Bertie Mee

Bertie Mee became manager on Arsenal on this day in 1966, and was in charge of Arsenal for 539 games of which his team won 241; a win percentage of 44.71%. Worse than Terry Neill and Don Howe, although better than Billy Wright.

Of course what he is remembered for is ending the drought of […]

Two years ago today Bernd Leno signed for Arsenal

On this day two years ago, Bernd Leno signed a five-year contract with Arsenal having played 233 games for Bayer Leverkusen between 2011 and 2018.

He played his first game in a 4-2 win against Vorskla Poltava in the Europa League and his Premier League debut in the 2–0 home victory over Watford, replacing Petr […]

Arsenal’s history: can we really believe all the evidence?

One of the most intriguing elements of Arsenal’s history, is the exact nature of Henry Norris – the man who paid off all of Arsenal’s debts in 1910, moved them to Highbury (with himself, having paid off all those debts now guaranteeing all the costs of the development of the new ground) and eventually brought […]

William Elcoat: an update on the Woolwich Arsenal manager

The Woolwich Arsenal managers

Woolwich Arsenal had only three long term managers, Bradshaw, Kelso and Morrell.

Before that they had short term holders of the post, and the further we go back the more we get towards managers who were more orientated towards the Committee that ran the club, sitting alongside the Secretary and Chairman, […]