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February 2019

From near relegation to 32 league goals in 7 games in just five seasons

Clubs can turn themselves around very quickly, and indeed I am not sure that many achieved such a turn round in one season as Arsenal did after Knighton’s last campaign in 1924/5. On this day in 1925 we see Arsenal’s eighth consecutive defeat. The following season we came second. And then five years on we […]

Today is the anniversary of one of the most appalling acts on a football pitch in modern times

“One of the most appalling” the headline says, and it was only “one of”, of course, because beside the assault on Ramsey which happened on this day in 2010, we also recall the assault on Diaby that ultimately cost him his career.

Ramsey was ultimately lucky – he recovered from the assault, although not only […]

7 league defeats in a row plus exit from the cup. And beating Tottenham 5-2

One of the interesting effects in gathering together all the Arsenal anniversaries for a single day is the contrasts it can offer up. In 1977 under Terry Neill’s management Arsenal had seven consecutive league defeats – the all time club record. But also during this run Arsenal lost (on this day in the FA Cup) […]

Rumour of two Arsenal players killed in rail crash dismissed as untrue

After their match at Newcastle on 24 February 1934 at Newcastle rumours started to spread that the Arsenal train returning to London had crashed killing two players. This story was completely untrue although a “special” carrying Arsenal supporters had had a very minor accident.

The reporting of the incident shows the complete lack of […]

When Wenger’s Arsenal was beaten by Wimbledon, and couldn’t score a goal

Arsene Wenger is remembered for turning Arsenal around in his first season, despite one of the most appalling campaigns of all time by the media which tried to accuse him of child moelstation while in Japan, without any evidence to back up their disgraceful claims. And indeed he did give Arsenal new impetus, with the […]

Arsenal man signs for Tottenham, plays for them next day, and scores

The man in question was Laurie Brown and it happened on this day in 1964, by which time it was clear to everyone except the Arsenal board that Billy Wright was a terrible manager and needed to go. Sadly they kept him for one more season, and the Highbury crowds plummeted to their lowest ever […]

From 10 league games without a win, to the Double. How quickly things change

In February 1970 there was considerable disgruntlement in the air at Arsenal as the club did indeed make it 10 in a row without a win. Just one year on and the first notions that Arsenal might not only win the league but also do the double were perhaps only whispered by those drunk on […]

When a bitter ex-Arsenal manager twists the truth for his own purposes

Leslie Knighton surely is the most notorious, devious and underhand of all the Arsenal managers in history.

All managers write and say things to bolster their own position and excuse their own failures, but surely there has never been one who issued so many absolute downright lies in his own defence as Knighton, who managed […]

From the Double to fighting relegation in four seasons. How it went so wrong for Arsenal.

For many Arsenal fans the 1970s are remembered as a time of great triumph – the first European trophy, the first double… and indeed into this day in 1972 there was hope of an unbelievable double double – winning the double two years running.

But as today’s anniversaries show the reality was not like this. […]

When North and South London clubs moved in opposite directions

Arsenal moved from the south bank of the Thames to north London in 1913; something that caused some protests from Tottenham Hotspur and Clapton Orient who feared their crowd numbers would suffer. In fact the increased local rivalry meant that crowd numbers for all three clubs increased.

What is often ignored in this discussion is […]

The origins of the phrase “One nil to the Arsenal” on this day

The movie, “The Arsenal Stadium Mystery” was released on this day in 1940, giving tens of thousands the chance to hear the phrase ‘1-0 to the Arsenal’ for the first time.

Here is the full list of anniversaries for this day.

17 February 1902: 1000 spectators saw Arsenal beat QPR in the London League Premier […]

There are some fouls that are so awful that a mere sending off is nowhere near enough

Looking back at the Arsenal anniversaries for 16 February we are inevitably drawn to the case of Eduardo – who returned to action on this day just a few days under one year after being crippled by a tackle so terrible that really the player who undertook it, should never have played again.

On 23 […]

From the earliest press criticism of the ref to the Queen inviting Arsenal to the palace.

To be fair, I can’t say that the 1910 criticism of the referee in a cartoon in the Woolwich Gazette was the first such suggestion of referee corruption but there were not too many such comments around in the early days. As for Arsenal at Buckingham Palace, this was certainly the first time a squad […]

Tinkering with the off side rule and its strange consequences

The stated reason for changing the offside rule in 1925 was to stop the decline in the number of people attending games, which itself was deemed to be because of the decline in the number of goals scored. The change in the rule, which meant that only two men had to be between an opposition […]

The first ever Arsenal song that has survived through history

From the off, newspapers could be as fascinated by the crowd as they were by the games – and indeed this is not surprising given that crowd activities were easier to describe and tended to get a bigger response from the readership.

13 February 1892: The first ever recorded incident of a club song being […]

The extraordinary speed of Arsenal’s decline after the first double; the Arsenal anniversaries

While the first Arsenal double in 1971 is of course remembered as a core part of the club’s history, what happened thereafter is rarely mentioned.

Bertie Mee stayed in office and attempted to introduce a military style approach to managing footballers – footballers who now were immortalised and feted after their achievements. Tension was […]

When Bobby Robson could make anti-Arsenal allegations with impunity and the media accepted it

Below are the anniversaries of Arsenal, along with a few non-Arsenal events of note for today.

Our lead story from 9 February 2003 relates to how Bobby Robson the ex-England manager, outrageously accused Bergkamp without the slightest piece of evidence of deliberately getting Laurent Robert sent off in 1-1 draw with Newcastle.

The rule among […]

When Arsenal scored 15 goals in one game

Here are the Arsenal anniversaries for 8 February.

8 February 1902: First game for Thomas Tindal Fitchie – the man who signed five times for Arsenal. Known as the prince of dribblers he signed for clubs seventeen times in his career as he combined being a travelling salesman with being a footballer.

8 February 1905: […]

When the Times newspaper said, “it is a privilege to watch new Arsenal”

Here are the anniversaries for 7 February throughout Arsenal’s history.

7 February 1872: Stanley Briggs, a centre half, was born in Stamford Hill, on this date and was signed by Arsenal on 23 October 1893 as an amateur from Tottenham, to whom he later returned.

7 February 1903: The biggest crowd yet at the Manor […]

Merson sacked, Wenger cleared of assault, Norway’s loss.

Here are the anniversaries of Arsenal FC for 6 February.

6 February 1892: Royal Arsenal 2 Cambridge University 1; a friendly in the final season for the club before it became Woolwich Arsenal.

6 February 1894: Ly Burrows debut for Woolwich Arsenal v Rotherham. As an amateur he was able to swap between Arsenal and […]

The first ever Arsenal match in which they actually counted the crowd.

Here are the Arsenal anniversaries for today

5 February 1887: Millwall Rovers 4 Royal Arsenal 0. This was the first Arsenal game ever with a recorded crowd number – 500 – and was played against the club’s main local rivals at the time.

5 February 1889: Matthew Shortt was born. He played with Dalbeattie Star […]

When Arsenal spent their transfer budget on unwanted champagne – according to the manager.

Here are today’s anniversaries

4 February 1888: Arsenal 6 Tottenham 2. This was a return friendly following the opening match which was abandoned with Tottenham winning 2-1. No crowd figure is given by the next game between the two in south London the following September attracted 500.

4 February 1905: Final game for William Gooing. […]

Tottenham honourably admit they have no claim for a place in the 1st Division


3 February 1894: Last game for Charlie Booth. He played in the first ever league match for Woolwich Arsenal, and was a member of the team that played City Ramblers in the FA Cup in which he was one of the three who each scored three. It was also the first league game for […]

The first man forced out of Arsenal by fan power; Wenger appeals against 12 match ban

Here are the anniversaries for Arsenal FC for 2 February.

2 February 1896: Burnley 6 Arsenal 1. Some Arsenal handbooks have this date listed but the game was actually played on Saturday 1 February.

2 February 1898: Birth of Harry Storer Jnr. His father was the the first man to be forced out of Arsenal […]

Sol Campbell walks out, as Henry over overtakes Bastin’s goalscoring record

The Anniversaries …

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. You will also find links to the month by month listing of anniversaries in the right hand column of […]