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September 2021

Whatever happened to Paul Davis?

All told Paul Davis played 447 times for Arsenal and scored 37 goals.

Paul left Arsenal in 1995 and had a spell in Norway before making a final bow with five appearances for Brentford, retiring in 1995. The following season he joined Arsenal as a youth coach and stayed in that position until 2003 when […]

The curious case of ex-Arsenal man Mark Randall

Mr Wenger once touted Mark Randall as a really important player for Arsenal with a huge potential. But it never happened for him, and he has moved regularly from club to club. And yet despite that constant urge to move on he has (according to the latest figures) played over 230 matches almost all in […]

Whatever happened to Luke Ayling?

In the “Whatever happened to” series, which is written to coincide with an anniversary, we are often dealing with players who simply didn’t make it at Arsenal, or simply didn’t make it at all.

And Luke Ayling has the look of one of these players having never played for Arsenal. But for him, his first […]

Whatever happened to Ashley Cole


After playing for Roma and LA Galaxy on 21 January 2019, Cole joined Derby County then managed by Frank Lampard. He was released at the end of the season and on 18 August 2019 announced his retirement.

Among his many other achievements, on 27 February 2011, Cole shot a 21-year-old student on work experience […]

Where are they now? Kanu, Kerrea Gilbert, Mark Randall, Samuel Galindo

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Finding the elusive Eastern Wanderers, Arsenal’s first opponents

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Untold Gooner News


Historians can’t just accept what is passed down as the truth across the generations – they need some evidence. But the reality is that most people who write about […]

The man who scored 18 goals for Arsenal in just 12 games

In both the world wars the Football League was rearranged as a regional affair, with clubs permitted to use loan players where their own players were unable to play for their own club.

In the season 1944/45 Arsenal played in the Football League South and on 12 occasions in that season used Stan Mortensen of […]

Arsenal’s worst start to the season for 30 years. Maybe.

According to the Daily Express this week Arsenal have this season suffered their worst start to a season for over 30 years.

Interestingly on this day in 2014 when Arsenal suffered a 2-1 home defeat to Manchester United the press also made much of Arsenal’s “poor start” to the season of four wins, three defeats […]

From England under 19 international and Arsenal hopeful to Thailand.

The Petroleum Authority of Thailand Rayong Football Club, has probably not been mentioned on this site before but that is where we now find ex-Arsenal player and England international at under 17 and under 19 level, Jay Emmanuel Thomas.

PTT Rayong play in the Thai League and as the name suggests is a company sponsored […]

Szczesny’s son called Liam, FA bypass court rulings, Grimandi with Vieira, Bin Laden banned by Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

One of the most interesting things about gathering together all these anniversaries is that there can be a very curious mix of connections emerging on one particular day.

And of course a lot of the time I am discovering these things as I go along. The court case mentioned in the headline […]

Ball hits Brain, knocks player out, goes in net. You couldn’t make it up.

By Tony Attwood

This was the day in 1924 when the ball hit Arsenal centre forward Jimmy Brain on the head and knocked him out, as it made its way into the goal. I doubt that such an event has ever happened again – (as in brain, head, goal) and for the sake of player […]

When the critics turned on Bellerin and said he should never play for Arsenal again.

On this day in 2014 Hector Bellerín made his Champions League debut for Arsenal having made the briefest of league cup appearances for Arsenal the season before.

Following this game, and after a 2-0 defeat by Chelsea on 5 October Arsenal were in 8th position and again there was the usual ill-informed talk of the […]

When one of the great Arsenal sides inexplicably fell apart

In 1952/3 Arsenal won the first division title under Tom Whittaker’s management. It meant he had won the league title twice as Arsenal’s manager, and won the FA Cup – exactly the same as achieved by Herbert Chapman and George Allison before him. What’s more in his six years as manager the club had never […]

When the Arsenal team all took drugs, according to their manager

In terms of his historic legacy, Leslie Knighton might best be described as a menace, for he was the manager who some 20 years after he left Arsenal, wrote an autobiography which accused Sir Henry Norris, his boss, of the most awful nefarious deeds, many of which have passed into the mythology of Arsenal, not […]

How many managers and how many trophies. From Terry Neill to today.

Details of today’s anniversaries follow below


“Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” and “Making the Arsenal” are now available as printed books, and on Kindle. Please see here for more details.

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Henry Norris at the Arsenal: There is a full index to the series here.

Arsenal in the 1930s: […]

The man who did more to disrupt Arsenal than anyone else – ever

That man is Leslie Knighton, Arsenal manager from 1919 to 1925. Knighton was a modest manager for the first three years of his reign, but only just avoided relegation in the final two years. However what has soured his reputation considerably is a reconsideration of Knighton’s autobiography in which he launched a series of attacks […]

“The best value for money player I have had at the club” Who said that about whom

It was said on this day 2014 by Arsene Wenger concerning Laurent Koscielny, a player who had not been highly valued by some fans when he first came to the club.

9 May 1891: Royal Arsenal FC voted at its AGM to turn itself into a professional side, making the club the first professional team […]

Arsenal 7 April anniversaries: the end of the road for the great 70s team

It is often forgotten just how short the success of the 1970s double team was – and with a FA Cup semi-final defeat to Sunderland on this day in 1973, the dream of a long term dominant team was just about over. The Double and the Uefa Cup were the trophies, but there were to […]

The first ever Arsenal match in which they actually counted the crowd.

Here are the Arsenal anniversaries for today

5 February 1887: Millwall Rovers 4 Royal Arsenal 0. This was the first Arsenal game ever with a recorded crowd number – 500 – and was played against the club’s main local rivals at the time.

5 February 1889: Matthew Shortt was born. He played with Dalbeattie Star […]

How a single newspaper comment can be the basis of received wisdom

The Anniversaries …

15 January 1891: the day one local newspaper reported on a bad journey to Arsenal. That one set of comments became repeated and repeated until it was generally assumed that it was by and large impossible to get from central London to Plumstead.

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally […]

The blackest day in the history of the FA – and still they won’t apologise.

Here are the anniversaries, our headline comes from 1921: a moment that led to 50 years of discrimination.

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. An index to all […]

The days when the press would dare criticise TV for editing out the dodgy bits.

Here are the anniversaries, our headline comes from 1978 – when the notorious tactics of Liverpool were constantly censored by the TV companies as part of their deal for the rights to show the games.


Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the […]

The media claim there are too many foreigners in English football – in 1975

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the complete files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History Society website. An index to all the monthly Anniversary files can be found in the right column of this site under “Pages” […]

5 games against Tottenham all on one day

The series “Henry Norris at the Arsenal” is now complete.

The index to all the articles can be found at Henry Norris at the Arsenal. The final article just published is Henry Norris at the Arsenal: 1928 to the end.

We are now working on adding to the articles information that has come to […]

When the FA told Arsenal, “remove this director, or we kick you out of football”

Latest article from the current series: Henry Norris at the Arsenal

Sir Henry Norris leaves Arsenal and the legal disputes wend their way.

Below are the Arsenal (and for historical context, occasionally one or two non-Arsenal) anniversaries for today taken from the complete files of over 6000 Arsenal anniversaries which appear on the Arsenal History […]