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February 2021

An audience with Mark Pougatch – live, plus today’s anniversaries

The event

Normally I drop straight into a review of the anniversaries, but something a little different today as the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association (AISA) is inviting all its members to an audience with Mark Pougatch.

Mark Pougatch, the TV and radio football broadcast journalist is also an Arsenal fan, and has agreed to join […]

The Arsenal Quiz. What was the first European trophy we won, and when was it?

Our quiz comes from today’s anniversaries, which gives a clue as to the actual date of the month – all you have to get is the year.

So before you scroll down,

Question 1: On this day Arsenal won their first European trophy. Who did we beat, what was the score, and how many years […]

When our Arsenal banner was selected by the BBC for full-on publicity

This is the anniversary of Mr Wenger’s last home match with Arsenal, and it was of course heavily featured by the BBC as they focussed on the only Arsenal manager ever to win three League titles, and not only the man who won more FA Cups with Arsenal than any other manager, but who won […]

Whatever happened to Tomas Rosicky?

The most recent news we have of Tomas Rosický became comes from 2018. In January he became assistant to the new Sparta sport director Zdeněk Ščasný. Then on 17 December he replaced Ščasný as a sports director, soon after Ščasný became Sparta head coach.

In Germany, as a player he gained the nickname “The Little […]

What happened to Theo Walcott?

On this day in 2013 Theo Walcott signed a new long term contract as his star continued to rise in Arsenal colours. And although he had some brilliant moments with Arsenal, it was two years ago yesterday that Walcott signed a three-and-a-half-year contract with Everton in what the BBC reported as “a deal worth more […]

David Danskin: an Arsenal founder but a man out of step with the majority in the club.

In 29 April 2019 a number of newspapers announced that “For years, the founder of Arsenal FC was buried in an unmarked grave in Coventry,” but that now that was finally put right when the man behind one of the world’s greatest football clubs was finally given the resting place he deserves.”

That man was […]

The anniversary of the very start of Arsenal, and how we proved it happened.

Latest news:

Our companion website Untold Arsenal is developing its own video channel commenting on both contemporary and historic events. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


And today is of course a very historic day, being the day on which in 1886 the […]

Finding the elusive Eastern Wanderers, Arsenal’s first opponents

Latest news:

We are developing our own video channel. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


Historians can’t just accept what is passed down as the truth across the generations – they need some evidence. But the reality is that most people who write about […]

Freedom of contract and limits on transfer fees: a court discussion in 1918.

On this day in 1918 Sir Henry Norris, chair of Arsenal and a director of Fulham FC, began his campaign to become an MP – during the course of which one of his opponents put out a leaflet that criticised Sir Henry saying that while Sir Henry had claimed to be in favour of the […]

The anniversary of one of the great, great nights of the Wenger years.

25 mins: Henry’s side-footer gives Arsenal the lead 33 mins: Inter equalise after Vieri’s shot is deflected past Lehmann 49 mins: Ljungberg puts Arsenal back in front from Henry’s cross 81 mins: Henry’s solo special gives them a two-goal cushion 87 mins: Arsenal pile forward and Edu slots home the fourth 89 mins: Pires […]

The man who started the three league wins in a row

I can’t help thinking that the name of Reg Stockill should be commemorated by Arsenal even though he only played seven games for us.

But in those seven games he scored four goals, which is not bad going, including a goal that ought to be symbolic to the club – although it isn’t.

For Reg […]

When it comes to football and politics there are some people it is best not to argue with

by Tony Attwood

In studying the life and times of Sir Henry Norris, the man who rescued Arsenal in 1910 and became its chairman, we find a man who would work hard, give generously of his time and money, but not suffer fools gladly. And looking back from nearly 100 years on we find that […]

How one man’s tales can overturn the true history of a great club.

It is probably Bernard Joy’s negative comments upon George Allison, that has ensured that Allison has never received much recognition as one of the great Arsenal managers – despite the fact that he kept the club alive in the second world war virtually single handed, and won the same number of trophies as Whittaker and […]

How many bloggers and fans actually know what Arsenal’s motto is

By Tony Attwood

Arsenal’s motto “Victoria Concordia Crescit” was used in the club programme on this day for the first time in 1913, as part of generating a new spirit of togetherness in the club’s first months at Highbury.

It translates as Victory through Harmony, and it is impossible to believe that many of the […]

Arsenal player banned retrospectively to the delight of the media.

The events following the game between Arsenal and Celtic in the Champions League on this day in 2009 are among a group of happenings which show that there most certainly is something very underhand and nasty going on in football.

The BBC’s online report of the event read, “Eduardo was the central figure when Arsenal […]

Do the media really know anything at all about negotations and transfers?

Considering that the media endlessly tell us who Arsenal are secretly negotiating with, who is going to be bought, and who is going to be sold, when it comes to the test, their knowledge is generally woefully lacking.

Each summer between 85 and 110 players are tipped as coming to Arsenal, while the entire first […]

The most successful FA Cup manager of all time

No matter what records a club establishes in football there is always a strong chance that one day someone will come along and overtake that record.

But one footballing record looks secure for many years to come – if not for all time… the record for the most FA Cup wins by a manager.

The […]

When Arsenal sacked their manager part way through pre-season

Sometimes pre-season games can be enough to show the board that the manager is not going to be able to deliver during the coming nine months. And so it was on this day in 1996 when for the last time to date Arsenal sacked their manager, leaving the club theoretically managerless for the rest of […]

Only one person predicted Arsenal’s unbeaten season. But you’ll not guess who!

The answer to our question comes in the entry for 11 August 2003, and I really don’t want to spoil the fun by telling you who it was.

But I’ll give you a clue. He later became a notorious critic of the club.

Here are the anniversaries for today.

11 August 1923. It was common […]

It’s RVPs birthday although we he’s not really being completely honest at the moment

Today is Robin van Persie. It comes just at the moment when he is moving into TV work with BT Sport, a task he seems well suited for since his memory of his own career seems a little hazy, as he has of late been speaking of his time with Manchester United as if he […]

Arsenal sell a player to Barcelona for £4m a game

Below are today’s anniversaries including the anniversary of the extraordinary transfer of Overmars to Barcelona, which knocked up the amazing statistic of £4m a game.

You might also like to note that the Arsenal in the Summer series has itself now been updated to include seasons up to 2018 – you can find the latest […]

The day Arsenal just avoided going out of business

Today is the anniversary of the moment in 1910 when Henry Norris took over Woolwich Arsenal FC. There were no other deals on offer at the time, and without Norris’ engagement with the club, it would have ceased trading and been wound up.

Norris subsequently cleared Arsenal’s debts, moved the club to Highbury and made […]

Why did Terry Neil become Arsenal manager?

From 1959 to 1970 Terry Neill was an Arsenal player, and for some of that time Arsenal’s captain, playing 241 league games for the club. After that he moved to Hull City as player manager as well as being part time manager of Northern Ireland before moving on to be manager of Tottenham.#

At Hull, […]

Why were numbered shirts banned in English football (and other funny events).

By Tony Attwood

In tracing the history of Arsenal FC I often find myself asking one simple question: “why?”

Today’s anniversaries provide a perfect example of this, for on this day in 1939 the Football League voted to allow numbered shirts, having previously forbidden their use. You’ll find this change of mind mentioned in many […]

Did Chapman and Buchan invent the withdrawn centre half tactic?

If people remember the name Charlie Buchan today is it perhaps as the inside forward who earned his former club £100 for each goal he scored in his first season at Arsenal – 1925/6. Then there is the story that Arsenal paid more for the player because of that deal, than if they had paid […]