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May 2022

3 July – Buchan, Eastham, Bergkamp, Pires, Campbell. All on this day.

By Tony Attwood

Just look at these events all of which took place on 3 July.

The revolution in tactics

3 July 1925: Charles Buchan, the man who helped develop WM, re-signed by Arsenal in £100/goal deal

An England goal by the man who challenged the whole “retain and transfer” system

3 July 1966: George Eastham scored for England in his 19th and final international

The signing of the genius

3 July 1995: Dennis Bergkamp signs for £7.5m – a record

The signing of the Player of the Year – and the man who enabled Henry to thrive

3 July 2000: Robert Pires signed from Marseille.

The signing of Sol

3 July 2001: Sol Campbell signed after 11 years with Tottenham

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2 comments to 3 July – Buchan, Eastham, Bergkamp, Pires, Campbell. All on this day.

  • Patrick Harrington

    20 June 1995
    21 June 1995
    3 July 1995

    You’ve got Dennis Bergkamp signing on 3 different dates.

  • Patrick there is a note about the confusions that occur over signings – they are reported as different dates in different places. In this case 20 June looks like the signing and 21 June the arrival in London, with 3 July being wrong. What I am doing as I work through these days is gradually update them and remove the anomalies – I missed the 3 July, so thanks for pointing it out. And please do send in any others you see.

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