Puma take the Arsenal History Society approach

By Tony Attwood

Puma have released their first video following their record breaking deal with Arsenal – and rather nicely for us, it focusses on Arsenal’s heritage and history, pulling together some of the stories we have featured on this site over the years.

Better still, as Walter Broeckx, my colleague on Untold Arsenal, has pointed out, the video has a long hanging image of the volume “Making the Arsenal” with its rather fetching cover.

This is the second time Arsenal have made a significant nod in our direction.  The first of course was when we suggested to Ivan Gazidis that the club should erect statues of famous characters associated with the club – we suggested that the first should be Herbert Chapman.  And that’s what they duly did.

The book that Puma feature, Making the Arsenal, was the first volume that we produced, and there are details of how you can get a copy below.  Additionally you will find it at the Arsenal store at the Emirates, and on Amazon.

Two other full length books have followed (one on the years of Arsenal south of the river, and one on the crowd at the club, during that time), and we have also produced a whole series of booklets on Arsenal’s history which are given away each year to members of Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association as part of their membership package.

The next book in the AISA series deals with the management of Shaw and Allison, and takes us through to 1946.

As for our main work, week by week, on this site, we’ve published well over 1000 articles on Arsenal’s history, and indexed these by date.   The index follows below

But first here are…

The Books

Making the Arsenal – the book featured in the first Puma video

Woolwich Arsenal: The club that changed football – Arsenal’s early years

The Crowd at Woolwich Arsenal – who went, and how they behaved

The Anniversary Files now have over 5000 entries, and are now divided into 12 monthly sections:

There are further indexes of various themes on the home page


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