Everton in August, and memories of goals

By Tony Attwood

As we come up to play Everton away in the second league match of the 1014/15 season it struck me the other day that we often seem to play Everton in August.  And so we do.

But more importantly some of the games against Everton have been quite interesting over time.  Here’s a few of the highlights, with links where the History Society has produced an article related to the game.

29 August 1936: Arsenal play Everton with Alex James as captain

25 August 1954: Jimmy Bloomfield and Joe Haverty league debuts – an away defeat to Everton

9 August 1969: The earliest start for the League ever.  Arsenal lose 0-1 to Everton

15 August 1970: The start of the first Double season.  Everton 2 Arsenal 2

15 August 2003: Arsenal 2 Everton 1.  The 1st league match of the unbeaten season

15 August 2004: In what became a tradition in the early 21st century Arsenal beat Everton in their first match.  Everton 1 Arsenal 4

15 August 2009.  Everton 1 Arsenal 6

Arsenal World tell me that they have won 39 of the games played at their ground and Arsenal have won 31.  Everton have scored 134 at their ground and we have scored 121.

It is when we add in our home results that things get more exciting with Arsenal having won 94 to their 55

The first ever game was on 5 April 1905 in which Everton beat Woolwich Arsenal 1-0.  The return match on 22 April 1905 was a 2-1 victory to Arsenal.  The top scoring games were…

  • Everton 1 Arsenal 6 (2009/10 – see above)
  • Arsenal 7 Everton 0 (2004/5)
  • Everton 6 Arsenal 1 (1985/6)

The 11 May 2005: Arsenal 7 Everton 0.  The last Highbury game in red and white and the conclusion of a 12 match unbeaten run in the league, and the largest Premier League win, equalled on 14 January 2006.

There’s no article on this site for 11 May 2005, so I will see if I can rustle one up fairly sharpish.

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The complete Arsenal Anniversary series is to be found on the Arsenal History Society site.

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