From the first Tottenham game to bad Novembers in the league.

Publication of articles here has been a little erratic of late as I have been resident in Australia – and thus without many of the reference books that I like to check with on writing a piece.

However as I am leaving today for the 36 hour trip via ferry, train, plane, plane and car, to get back home, I can’t even put up the anniversaries on the home page without it being out of date fairly quickly.

So here’s little piece covering some of the highlights of 19 and 20 November through the years.

Tony Attwood

19 November 1886:  Kentish Mercury publish letter confirming there was a Steamboat crossing from Greenwich to Isle of Dogs confirming how Arsenal got to their first game.  The discovery of this letter by Andy Kelly and Mark Andrews overcome one of the main concerns about the veracity of the story of the Dial Square v Eastern Wanderers game – could they have got there on time?  The answer was, yes – the match might have been short because of the need to work in the morning and the darkness closing in later, but even so, they could do it.

19 November 1887: First ever game between Arsenal and Tottenham.  Poor light stops play with Tottenham leading 2-1.

19 November 1897: Tom Parker born

19 November 1927: Eddie Hapgood debut v Birmingham.  See also here

19 November 1929 – Jack Kelsey was born in Llansamlet, near Swansea.

19 November 1935: Aston Villa 3 Arsenal 5.

19 November 1933: Racing Club de Paris 0 Arsenal 1 – this was one of Chapman’s series of games in Paris with all the income going to the Armistice fund for veterans.

19 November 1958: Racing Club de Paris 0 Arsenal 1

19 November 1960: Jimmy Bloomfield sold to Birmingham City for £30,000

19 November 2011: A 2-1 away with to Norwich makes it a very unlikely five wins in a row

19 November 2012: Frimpong goes on loan to Charlton

20 November 1909: A 2-2 draw concludes a terrible opening to the season with just two wins and three draws in the first 14 games.

20 November 1920: Arsenal score 4 for first time after the 1st world war beating Huddersfield 4-0

20 November 1929: Dan Lewis wins his final cap for Wales

20 November 1931: Frank Moss signed from Oldham for £3000

20 November 1940: Tim Coleman died

20 November 1954: Jimmy Logie’s final game

20 November 1968.  Arsenal 1 Tottenham 0.  League Cup Semi Final.  John Radford scored.

20 November 1971: Arsenal’s habit of letting in 5 continues in 5-1 away loss to Wolverhampton.

20 November 1984: Justin Raymond Hoyte born

20 November 1991: Pål Lydersen joins from I K Start for £500,000

20 November 1999: Arsenal beat Middlesbrough 5-1

20 November 2009: Wojciech Szczęsny loaned to Brentford

20 November 2010: Arsenal lose 2-3 to Tottenham making it two home defeats out of two in the month.

I’ll hopefully be back to writing some more articles next week.

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