The Arsenal History Society index to articles on Arsenal players

By Tony Attwood

We now have around 1500 articles on this site, about half of which are about individual Arsenal players.

Many of these articles provide a more comprehensive view of the player’s life than is available elsewhere – most particularly in relation to players from the earlier days of football.  In quite a few cases further information has subsequently been provided by members of the player’s family in the correspondence under the article – something that I am very grateful for.  And as a result for some players we have managed to gain more information than that provided on or on other sources.

But until now there has not been an index of these articles.   We do have indexes to many other series on the site, but not to the series that most readers look for – which is a bit silly, I fully admit.

So I’ve started to build just such an index; an index to all the Arsenal players  to have played a league game for Arsenal.

In each case I am giving a link to the main article/s on that particular player, although occasionally I am including a link to articles which are primarily about something or someone else, simply because there is no other information on this site at present.

I am hoping the complete index will be finished within this month of January 2017, but that is not a promise.  But it will get done.  You can see how far I have got by looking here, and the list is itself indexed in the “Pages” list of the site on the left hand side of the screen, under the recent posts.  The title is quite simply “Arsenal Players”

The largest index we’ve created so far is the Anniversary Index, which now contains around 5,000 events related to Arsenal, in day order.  I know there are many more important moments not listed, but as always it is a matter of time, and of priorities.

The series on Arsenal in the 70s is finished and is fairly large, and Arsenal in the 30s series is now about 70% complete.   It will be finished in the coming months.

Here is a list of some of the most read series on this site.


Earlier series

I do hope you find the latest index helpful, and indeed some other bits and pieces on this site of interest.  If you have any enquiries or suggestions, or indeed if you would like to contribute an article, by all means write to me at   If you have corrections or updates on any article please do comment at the end.

One request from me however: if you are correcting something that appears to be wrong, it would be very helpful if you could give a source for your information just so I can check if we have a clash of information from different sources.  Quite simply this is because if I have said that a player was born in January and that is what my source/s say, and you say “no it was February” I need to evaluate one source against the other.

Many thanks for your interest.

Tony Attwood

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