An Index to all the major articles on Arsenal players in history. A to K complete

By Tony Attwood

The first half of the task of indexing all the articles about players on this web site is done – we’ve completed A to K.

That doesn’t mean we’ve done articles on all those players, but rather that all the players are listed, with links to such articles as there are.

As I mentioned before, the official Arsenal site has a complete list of players with an article on each, but what we have focused on is finding more out about some of the rather obscure players.

To give an example of what we are trying to do you might like to have a look at

a player who was interesting as he scored not the first penalty for Arsenal, but the first ever penalty in Football League history.  There is also a bit of uncertainty about when he came and went in regards to Arsenal so we quote the different sources on this, as well as a fairly detailed account of his life in football as well as some background on how the issue of penalties was added to the Football League rules – and just how long it took for a ref to award the very first penalty.

You can find the A to K index by clicking on Arsenal players Part 1: A to K.

And just to give one other example of where I think we have been able to go a little further than the official Arsenal site, try this one

I’m hoping to have published L to Z as a separate file in another week or so.

If there is a player who is not listed because somehow I have missed him out, or a player who is listed but for whom there is no article, let me know and I will try and do something about it.

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