Were you at the Arsenal game against Dynamo Moscow?

By Tony Attwood

I have received this message relating to the game against Dynamo Moscow in 1945.

I have pointed out that any of the people he is looking for would have to be 82 years old at least, but the documentary maker is keen to try any avenue.

Here is the documentary maker’s email to me with his contact details, and below that is a link to a piece we did earlier which incorporates some information about this game…


Hello, I’m doing a documentary about the Dynamo Moscow 1945 UK tour. I’m looking for Arsenal fans that attended the match against Dynamo Moscow. If you know any Arsenal fans who attended that match I’ll like to contact them to interview them.

Please contact me at alejandrosaks@hotmail.com or 07483255148. Thank You.




In case you are interested in this match, this is an article which covers this match on the web site

George Drury: the man who refused to be sent off against Moscow Dynamo


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  1. My mum and dad went to the game, that I think was played at White Hart Lane. Sadly they both died years ago. This was the only football match that my mum ever went to and they didn’t see very much because of the fog.

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