The Allison Era: 37 years from Administration to Domination

By Tony Attwood

An introduction to the George Allison section of the web site

There’s no special article on George Allison on the Arsenal web site, and yet if we just judge him by his years as manager, and nothing else, is record is an attractive won…

Two league titles, an FA cup victory and a third place.  Not a bad haul.

We might look at his final year, which was not good, and think he should have gone earlier, but what Mr Allison did was hold together the club through the impossible war years, and be there for the first season after the war, as the club tried to sort itself out for the new era.

Over the time this blog has been running various articles have been put together on Mr Allison, and they are now indexed in the George Allison file

The first article is a fairly in-depth review of his life, and his work with Arsenal, but of course I would love to go much further (time is the only constraint!)

What I hope comes across is the length of service this man gave to our club.  From 1910 to 1947 – which saw us move from administration through to domination.

The other articles in the series are about a few of the players who worked with the club in the Allison era.  I hope to expand this further in due course.

For now, may I reiterate a point I have made before.  We all venerate Chapman for giving the club its first major honours.  But we should never forget the 37 years of Mr Allison.

And as a starter, here is his record as manager…

Year League Position FA Cup
1934/5 1st 6th round
1935/6 6th Won
1936/7 3rd 6th round
1937/8 1st 5th round
1938/9 5th 3rd round
1946/7 13th 3rd round

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