“Dial Square to Woolwich Arsenal: the real story of Arsenal’s early years.”

By Tony Attwood

Since mentioning the publication of the “Dial Square to Woolwich Arsenal” booklet recently I have received a number of emails concerning how one might get the booklet.

All AISA members will get a copy.  Those who attend the AGM will get a copy at the meeting, and will be able to be bored out of their minds by having to listen to me talking about it for ten minutes.

Everyone who is a member is also going to be sent a copy in the post – and then those people who are not members can buy it.

But I would suggest that there is a good reason for joining anyway.  On the agenda of the AGM at the Emirates Stadium tonight (monday) there is a proposal to set up the AISA Arsenal History Society.  Membership is proposed as being free to all AISA members – so that’s another route for getting the publication, and indeed future publications.

Obviously I can’t pre-empt how the membership of AISA at the AGM tonight will vote on this issue.  I shall be urging everyone to vote for it, but AISA is a democratic organisation so we have to wait to see how the vote goes.

But if it does go through that will give a further boost to those of us interested in Arsenal’s history and indeed to the work done on this site.

Look forward to seeing you at the AGM on monday, if you can make it.  I’ll return to more Arsenal news tomorrow, Tuesday.

If you want to know more about Arsenal Independent Supporters’ Association (AISA) please visit www.aisa.org

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