Seven amazing historic videos of Arsenal v Liverpool

By Tony Attwood

Every day the AISA Arsenal History Society publishes a review of all the major events that have happened on that day in Arsenal’s history.

And on most days we find a video to go with one of our games from that day.

Since we have now got over 220 videos listed in our archive of videos it is time to start gathering them together for key matches – and for the first time we are doing this with the game against Liverpool tonight, 3 April 2021.

Below are videos of seven Arsenal games against Liverpool from across the years – six wins (one on penalties) and one draw (which is still worth watching).  Just click on the link of the game you want.

I really do hope you enjoy this new series.  I won’t be able to put it up for every game as but I will certainly try.

Tony Attwood, AISA Arsenal History Society.

Arsenal v Liverpool – the historic videos

2012: Liverpool 1 Arsenal 2

2017: A 3-3 draw

2007: Nine goals!

2006: A simple win

November 2013:

October 2019:

September 2012

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