Arsenal against Villarreal. Videos from all the past matches

By Tony Attwood; AISA Arsenal History Society

Arsenal have played Villrreal four times, before the meeting in the semi-final of the Europa Leage in 2021.

Date Match Result Score Competition
19 Apr 2006 Arsenal v Villarreal W 1-0 UEFA Champions League
25 Apr 2006 Villarreal v Arsenal D 0-0 UEFA Champions League
07 Apr 2009 Villarreal v Arsenal D 1-1 UEFA Champions League
15 Apr 2009 Arsenal v Villarreal W 3-0 UEFA Champions League

And we have video highlights of all four games.   We start off with the most recent meeting in 2009.

April 15 2009

And here is the first leg of that game.

7 April 2009

Now back to 2006 in the Champions League semi-final.

The opening game of the semi finals gave Arsenal a very narrow lead

Having won the first game, the thought was Arsenal would be hard pushed to hold onto it in the away game.   And indeed Villarreal got a penalty right in the last minute and Lehman became the absolute hero.

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The video collection series

This is a recent series in which we are looking to gather together videos against specific teams on one page….

Over 250 historic videos

Our main video work is trying to find a video for each day of the football playing year.  We’ve got 250 so far all organised by dates.

Thus we normally have a new video from Arsenal’s history every day that football is played, on the Arsenal History Society blog, along with all the Arsenal anniversaries of the day.

You can also find a list of video anniversaries by looking under  the “Pages” listing on the right side of this page.

Plus each day we publish “This day of all days” when one of the anniversaries is looked at in more detail.  That is on the web site of Arsenal Independent Supporters Association

You can find out more about AISA and its campaigning work in liaison with Arsenal, and how to join and thus ensure that the rational and reasoned voice of Arsenal supporters voice is heard within the club on the AISA website.

250 historic videos and lots of anniversaries.

100 Years in the First Division: the absolute complete story of Arsenal’s promotion in 1919.

Henry Norris at the Arsenal There is a full index to the series here.

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