24 April 1989: making it 11 goals in two games across six days

In 1998/9 Arsenal played in three high scoring games.  On 20 February 1999 there was a home win against Leicester City 5-0 with three from Anelka and two from Parlour.

On 19 April that year we beat Wimbledon 5-1, with goals from Parlour, Vieira, Bergkamp and Kanu, plus an own goal from Thatcher.

But then just five days later on 24 April 1999 both of these were exceeded by a 6-1 away win over Middlesbrough.  And this was not a case of all the goals coming in a rush at the end as Middlesbrough realised that they were beaten – far from it.   Arsenal kept us entertained through the game.

Overmars got a penalty on 4 minutes, Anelka made it two on 38 and Kanu put the match beyond doubt on the stroke of half time.

We could have eased up of course but Vieira was having none of that.  He scored on 58 before two minutes later Kanu got his second, and Anelka reminded us he was still awake on 78 minutes with his second and the sixth.

The travelling fans then sang “Boring boring Arsenal” from that point to the final whistle.

11 goals in two games across six days.  Not bad entertainment.

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