14 May 1938: Arsenal players forced to give Nazi salute

By Tony Attwood

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On 14 May 1938 England played an international against Germany in Berlin which England won 6-3, Hapgood and Bastin being Arsenal’s players in the game, and Tom Whittaker the trainer.  In front of 105,000 people, Cliff Bastin  volleyed a rebound after Jakob saved a Goulden shot on 16 minutes for the opening goal.

The match however is particularly remembered for the fact that Sir Neville Henderson, the British Ambassador in Germany, had advised Stanley Rous, the FA Secretary that the England team should give the Nazi salute for the betterment of Anglo-German relations after it became clear that the German team had been ordered to respect the English national anthem.

The match was attended by Hermann Goering, Rudolf Hess and Joseph Goebbels.  However Adolf Hitler, who was expected, did not attend.

According to reports, in these days the England team, played without any special training sessions.  The score was something as a surprise as this was a fairly inexperienced English team with only the Arsenal players in the side having made more than 10 international appearances.

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