10 July: Arsenal sign Alexis and get the best goalscoring of his career

Arsenal signed Alexis Sanchez from Barcelona for around £30m on this day in 2014.  He became an immediate success being the club’s top scorer in his first season and showing an unending drive and passion while on the pitch.


However, in 2018 he left for Man U but only scored 5 goals in 45 appearances in his first 18 months after which he went on loan to Inter Milan.  He later signed for them on a free transfer.

Although he is now not always remembered as a great success his goal scoring with Arsenal was of the highest order and the highlight of his career as he notched up 80 goals in 166 games.   With his previous club Barcelona it was just 47 goals in 141 games.

After leaving Arsenal, at Manchester United his scoring collapsed to just 5 in 45 games.  He has since then had three seasons with Inter-Milan wherein he has scored 20 goals in 109.

His entire career goalscoring is now (summer 2022) totalled at 198 in 704 games – a goal in 28% of his games.  But at Arsenal it was 48%.  Somehow Arsene Wenger knew how to get that much more out of him, although in his final season he faded somewhat getting just 8 in 22 (36%).

In 2020/21 he played 30 league games for Inter and scored seven goals.  His career total thus far is 664 games and 189 goals.

According to Wiki, in June 2022, he announced the purchase of land in Argentina, Chile and Italy for Alma Soul, which focused on wine production


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