Untold Arsenal vanishes: update and explanation

Untold Arsenal (www.blog.emiratesstadium.info) went down on Friday afternoon, and is still down.

All the sites operated by my company (over 120 of them) were affected, and we are continuing an investigation into why.

Other sites, apart from Untold, are now back on line, hence this notice appearing.  But for the moment Untold appears to have been wiped clean, and I am unable to publish anything new on the site.

My sincere apologies to everyone.  We can, of course, for the moment return to our normal dialogue here, but I would assure you we are working like mad

a) to get Untold back on line

b) to find out how this happened (we have some clues)

c) to find out why this happened (ditto)

d) to find out who (if anyone in particular) was behind this.

You can also follow some details on Twitter @UntoldArsenal

Tony Attwood

13 Replies to “Untold Arsenal vanishes: update and explanation”

  1. This is a serious injury list.
    Truly we lost another defender on UNTOLD going down.

    I question the time more than anything else.When ManU get trashed on their own field with all first team player fit.
    To me something very fishy is going around here and i hope we will have full explanation.
    In the mean while get well soon.

  2. Hacked by a Chinese gambling consortium perchance?

    When you get to the bottom of this, maybe you should contact the Guardian Tony…

    just don’t open any suspicious packages meanwhile !! lol

  3. If this site was Le Groan, I could understand it being justifiably hacked and kicked into eternity. But because it’s Untold…well we are Gooners after all and know that even paranoics have enemies! Good luck with the search for the guilty parties. Presume you’re testing Switzerland as well as the FA?

  4. you dont know how much i missed discussing things on untold…seriously tony i think we all have a clue on who would do something like this..and why would they do so…i mean afterall why did they choose untold? its not rocket science really…really hope the site is up and running soon and you can find the culprit and know what were his/her intentions(just to confirm our suspicion)…cough*PGMOL*cough*mike riley*

  5. @Andy Kelly –> I was with you until Mike Riley part. You lost me beyond that. Species who bring down a site via DoS or such require to have an IQ level higher than their primates. Not sure that is the case for the latter.

    Can’t wait for the Chel$ki Vs QPR review. That was something. C’mon Walter. We are waiting. 🙂

    And did we hear AVB saying something about a “pattern” forming when it comes to officiating? Doesn’t it sound familiar? Didn’t we hear it somewhere? 🙂

  6. Looking at what’s left of the server log – we received a lot odd port requests coming from Asia and Russia immediately prior to losing the site. I still can’t work out how it got screwed though it looks like a lot of back doors were kicked before an open window was found.

    Although I think these I.P. addresses may be either spoofed or part of a BotNet as they are so random… it’s possible that this was brute force password crack – but that doesn’t make sense in the way that the data was blanked i.e. not through the dashboard and no accounts seem to be affected – so this could be some code-injection security flaw in WordPress but, if that was the case, it appears to be one of many avenues explored… this looks co-ordinated, distributed and fairly ‘high level’.

    Tony will we be able to restore from a backup and I’ll do a bit of research – I would also upgrade/patch everything server OS, firewall and WordPress?

  7. Chowdury, one of our reviewers will do QPR-Chelsea if all goes well.
    Judging at what I have seen on MOTD2 he will have a big job….

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