Untold Arsenal: Arsenal 67 Stoke 33

This article was published here during a period when the Untold Arsenal site was down.  It is indexed on the Untold site in the normal way.

By Tony Attwood

Of course it would have to happen on a weekend when there was so much to chat about.   I can’t remember if we have won five of the last six, or six of the last seven, but it is quite a few, we are top of our Champs League group (a group that many suggested we would not even qualify from – and that after they all suggested that we would not even be in the League because we wouldn’t win our couple of qualifying games against the Italians), we are 7th in the league (not that good I agree, but not relegation fodder either), and we are still without some important players.

What happened at the weekend, and the reason that I am writing this on the History site and not on Untold, is that all the sites that my company has, went down on Friday, and have not started to appear until today, Monday.

Indeed some of our blogs (we create and write blogs for a number of clients, as well as having several of our own, plus of course these Arsenal blogs) are still down.  I think we now know what happened and how (and forgive me if I don’t reveal the details here, since I don’t want to tip off the guilty parties that we have rumbled them), and my colleagues are now working through line after line of the logs of activities on the sites, to confirm what happened.

Anyway, in the midst of the chaos I did go to the Stoke game.

Several things struck me, as I watched.  First, that there was some funny business in the Stoke end.  The stewards seemed very busy – I wonder what they were doing over there.

Second, that allowing Stoke to demand a change of the game until Sunday, when we all knew the Victoria line would be out, was not a clever idea.  Yes we all managed to cope, but I think quite a few people didn’t come to the game because of the transport issues.   I can understand clubs that opt to take up their place in the Europa League will ask for date changes but does that mean we have to agree to give them?  Indeed I see that the manager of Stoke even re-ran an old Ferguson story always having to play away after a Euro game – even though it wasn’t true for them.   I suppose I would have more respect for the Stoke boss if he thought up his own excuses.

Third, Santos is looking a remarkable player.  Watching him get into the opposite half of the field, and not just down the edges, was quite a revelation yesterday.   He really does look the job to me.

Fourth, Arshavin really did help bemuse the opposition after he came on.  I know he was criticised in the Euro game, but this was a performance that started to stretch the opposition defence in all directions.

And fifth, I know it was a tragedy that we lost Cesc and Nasri together – but to me that’s not the crux of the matter.  We lost Cesc, Nasri and Wilshere together – that is what makes it so hard.   If Wilshere had been available in the team for much of the season I think we would have at least three more points than now.   At least.

So, I wonder what Cesc and Nasri are making of it all.  Nasri didn’t get into the starting line up for the Manchester game, Cesc got a slap in the face, his glorious captain missed a penalty, and he’s now been accused of making racist remarks.  As as John Terry.  As has, at this rate, just about everyone.  It seems to be flavour of the moment.  Maybe they look back and are happy with their lots, and if so, we just have to work hard to remind them that all is not lost at Arsenal.

Anyway, the Manchester City project seems to be poised to spend as much as they want, ignore the financial fair play rules, and put the biggest team of lawyers football has ever seen into taking on Uefa.   Frustrating and annoying yes, but if it brings down Uefa, maybe not such a bad thing after all.

So, what’s left?

Well the ref, who looked to me to be awful.  I shall be posting the ref report on this site shortly, so you can see.

And hopefully in a day or so we should be back on Untold’s own site.

My apologies for all the disruptions, for the lack of either of our regular previews of the match, and the loss of all the indexes and everything from Untold.  Thanks for staying with us.   We’ll be back properly soon.

Oh, and the headline – that refers to possession, according to a very disbelieving Guardian reporter.

5 Replies to “Untold Arsenal: Arsenal 67 Stoke 33”

  1. Watching it from a very slow stream on the internet was not really pleasing. But after a delay of some 10 seconds per second game time (or there abouts) I could enjoy the goals at the end.

    have seen the game completely now on the Arsenal player and it was a great and well deserved win.

    This team may not have the talents of Cesc and Nasri YET, but my god they do work and fight for each other. Apart from one moment of madness in the whole 90 minutes the whole team worked very hard to get the 3 points. If they keep on working like that they should get rewarded at the end of the season. And still a few players to come back in the next weeks… things are looking good

  2. Firstly, the defence is getting sturdy, not that they are their but looking deeply there is a display of strength, unity and intelligence.
    Secondly, the midfield in the absence of Cesc, Nasri and Wilshere seems to be getting sturdy equally. Terminating threats and getting behind eachother and also tightly knit playing together. On the attack line, the creativity of the afore mentioned trio is lacking but the directness of this midfield cannot be denied.
    Thirdly, the flanks (likes of gervinho, walcot, arshavin) are becoming imposing to fullbacks, only walcot seems to be lagging and I am sure he’ll get there.
    Fourthly, in the attack, van Persie is very deadly and dogged equally. This is where the concern seems to be greatest with De Kapitein not having any close backup, however, chamakh will still catch with more playing time.
    on the whole, if we should have a depleted injury list and have such players like Vermalean, Diaby, Gibbs back more steel will be added to the defensive and midfield area.
    This team is still developing into something entirely different from the team of Cesc and Nasri. Spine-Stregth-force-urgency-command are all quality reminiscent of the invincibles.
    Bottomline is there is hope for the future.

  3. I have been pretty sure from begining that next year we will be in CL for 15th year in row. We get there either finishing in top 4 or winning CL this season (finalists go there automatically). I think when you watch Arsenal matches this year you see how players have started to knit together really well, part why we didn’t do well in beginning of season but now we will. Hopefully getting Vermaelen and Wilshere in that unity goes well and fast. 6 points behind Chelsea maybe next week 3 not bad. Hopefully TV5 proves to be fit and fine again today.

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