The second Double quiz: 1970/71 – surely you know all the answers!


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The 1970s quizzes, part 2: Winning the Double – 1970/71

By Tony Attwood

In case you missed it, the first quiz in the series is shown here if you want to try it without seeing the answers, but I have now added the answers (as I see them) to those first questions at the foot of this article.

The questions this time are all about 1970/1.   What I have done is included one or two where the answers are slightly open to interpretation – so please interpret away and give you answers – with justification if you wish.  And a couple of easy ones to kick off.


1.  Who was Arsenal’s manager in 1971?

2.  What was his previous job before becoming Arsenal manager?

3.  As we all know Arsenal won the league in 1971.  For most of the last couple of months of that season Arsenal were second but of course ultimately we  overtook the second team – a club that itself was in the process of making history – although not necessarily the history that it wanted.  Who was it, and what did they achieve?

4.  Famously, in the last match of the 1971 season Arsenal beat Tottenham at White Hart Lane to win the league.  Where did Tottenham finish up in the league in 1970/1?

5.   Amazingly, three players in the 1971/2 season played all 42 league games.   Who were they?

6.   As we know Arsenal won the league in 1971 – and in so doing we beat a club near the very end of the season who through that defeat were relegated.  Which club was it, what was the result, and what was the other club relegated?

7.  In the third round of the FA Cup, in 1971 Arsenal played a Southern League team whose manager predicted they would beat Arsenal 4-1.  What team was it, and what was the final score?

8.  Which club did Arsenal play in the semi-final of the FA Cup and what record was created?

9.  Arsenal suffered a 5-0 defeat in the league in 1970/1.  Who against?

10.  Arsenal not only won the league and the cup in 1970/1, they also won another trophy.  What was it?


By all means write in the answers as you see them below – but if you don’t want to see what anyone else has written, just zip down to the bottom.  I will put the answers up here when we publish the next quiz in a day or so.

And now the answers to the previous quiz

1: Arsenal won the double for the first time in 1970/1.  What was the only team before then to have won the double in the 20thcentury?  Tottenham

2.  There were two winners of the double in the 19th century – which clubs were they, and what was particular about the first club’s achievement?  Preston and Villa.  Preston were the only club with an unbeaten season before Arsenal but only played 22 league games.  FA Cup series were much shorter in those days too, with many clubs pulling out of matches before they were played.

3.  Arsenal’s victory in 1970/1 was a surprise to the footballing world, not least because of Arsenal’s position in the league in 1969/70.  Where did the club end up in the league in 1969/70?  12th

4.  The same might be said in terms of the FA Cup.  We won the Cup in 1971, but what happened in the FA Cup in 1969/70?  Knocked out in the third round by 2nd division Blackpool

5.  Several famous Arsenal players either retired or left the club in 1969/70 and thus missed out on one of the club’s most famous achievements.  Name them.  As a clue here are their initials (although not all these players used their formal first names as footballers.

  • JGR  Robertson
  • WJTN Neil
  • RAG Gould
  • DJC Court
  • IFU Ure

6.  One player who became central to Arsenal’s achievements in 1970/71 made just two starts and two appearances as a sub in 1969/70, playing the rest of the season in the reserves.  Here’s a clue: he had been previously rejected by Port Vale where the chief scout and youth development officer was Sir Stanley Matthews.  Who was this?    Ray Kennedy – I’ve just done an article on this for Arsenal Uncovered in the matchday programme, and hopefully it will appear for one of the forthcoming first team fixtures this season.

7.  Arsenal famously won the league in 1970/1 at Tottenham in the last game of the season.  What was so curious about the last game of the 1969/70 season?  Also against Tottenham.  We lost 1-0

8.  Arsenal had little success in 1969/70, the year before the glorious Double, but one year before that (1968/9) there was hope of something better – although it all ended in tears.   Not quite right in the question since we won the Fairs Cup in 69/70 – what I meant to put was “little success in domestic competitions.”  Sorry.  The year before we lost to 3rd division Swindon Town in the League Cup final on the Wembley pitch used 3 days before for the Horse of the Year show.

9.  Away from the first division 1969/70 saw the end of the league career of a famous old club.  Who was it?   Bradford Park Avenue

10.  1968/69 saw a change of goalkeepers.  Who was our number 1 in 1967/68, and who became our number one in 1968/69 – and on into the Double season?  Furnell replaced by Bob Wilson


I am currently working with a few colleagues on what we hope will be the definitive book of Arsenal in the 70s.  Details will be published on this site soon.


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2 Replies to “The second Double quiz: 1970/71 – surely you know all the answers!”

  1. Here goes :-

    1) Bertie Mee

    2)Club Physio

    3)Leeds Utd – they were leading the table by a big margin at the end of Feb and yet lost ( 13 points ?) or is that they put out 11 troughbred sobs each game who kicked everyone to pieces ? Or their no 12 (sub)was always Mick Bates ?

    4)5th ?

    5)Wilson , Rice & Simpson

    6)Burnley 2-0 ? .Nottingham Forrest ?

    7) Yoevil Town ? 3-0 ?

    8)Stoke City ? No goals against ?All lower league opponents ?

    9)Leeds ?Surely not Derby ?I think we lost to them in 1971-1972 by that score or are my brain cells failing me ?

    10) Fair play trophy ?

  2. 5) Bob McNab instead of Peter Simpson as I think he was alternated with Peter Storey .

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