The 1971 Quiz – more about our first Double & answers to yesterday’s quiz

This the third quiz in this little series – and it continues straight on from the last – trying to tease out the knowledge you have of the First Double in 1971.

So, ten more questions still on the 1970/1 season – and below that the earlier set of questions on that season, but this time with the answers.

1.  Who was named Footballer of the Year for 1970/1?

2.  Arsenal entered 1970/1 as holders of the Fairs Cup, which qualified them to enter the competition again.  How far did Arsenal get in Europe in 1970/71?

3.  Arsenal won the FA Cup and League, but not the League cup.  What happened in that competition?

4.  During the 1970/1 season two players (both of whom are famous in Arsenal terms, although for different reasons), played just a couple of games.  In fact one made only one start, and one made two.  Who were they?

5.  One highly significant Arsenal player broke his ankle in the first match of the season and thus missed much of the campaign.  Who was this?

6.  What to the nearest 5,000 was the top Highbury crowd of the season, and who was it against?

7.  Who was Arsenal’s top scorer in 1970/1 in the league?

8.  Who was Arsenal’s top scorer in the 1970/1 FA Cup campaign?

9.  Arsenal used 23 players in the 1969/70 league season.  How many players did Arsenal use in their 1970/1 league campaign including substitutes?

10.  One of the double winning team was sold during the close season.  Who was it, and where did he go?

And the answers to the last quiz

1.  Who was Arsenal’s manager in 1971?  Bertie Mee

2.  What was his previous job before becoming Arsenal manager?  Physio

3.  As we all know Arsenal won the league in 1971.  For most of the last couple of months of that season Arsenal were second but of course ultimately we  overtook the second team – a club that itself was in the process of making history – although not necessarily the history that it wanted.  Who was it, and what did they achieve?  Leeds United.  They came second three years running, in 1970 (by 9 points) in 1971 (by one point) and in 1972 (by one point)

4.  Famously, in the last match of the 1971 season Arsenal beat Tottenham at White Hart Lane to win the league.  Where did Tottenham finish up in the league in 1970/1?   3rd – 13 points behind Arsenal

5.   Amazingly, three players in the 1971/2 season played all 42 league games.   Who were they?   Bob Wilson, Frank McLintock and George Armstrong

6.   As we know Arsenal won the league in 1971 – and in so doing we beat a club near the very end of the season who through that defeat were relegated.  Which club was it, what was the result, and what was the other club relegated?  We beat Burnley 1-0 on 20 April to send them down.  Blackpool also were relegated

7.  In the third round of the FA Cup, in 1971 Arsenal played a Southern League team whose manager predicted they would beat Arsenal 4-1.  What team was it, and what was the final score?  Yeovil, 3-0 (two from Radford one from Kennedy)

8.  Which club did Arsenal play in the semi-final of the FA Cup and what record was created?   Stoke City.  We were the first club to reach the final three times having been 2-0 down in the semi.

9.  Arsenal suffered a 5-0 defeat in the league in 1970/1.  Who against?  Stoke City.  Bob Wilson said they could have had more.

10.  Arsenal not only won the league and the cup in 1970/1, they also won another trophy.  What was it?   The FA Youth Cup.


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3 Replies to “The 1971 Quiz – more about our first Double & answers to yesterday’s quiz”

  1. 1)Frank McLintock ?

    2)Knocked out in the 1st round ?

    3)Lost to eventual winners A.Villa ?

    4)Jon Sammels & Peter Merinello ?

    5)Bob McNab ?

    6)40,000 – Leeds ?

    7)John Radford

    8)Charlie George


    10)Jon Sammels to Leicester

  2. 1: Frank McLintock
    2: Last 16
    3: Lost at home to Crystal Palace
    4: Sammy Nelson, Peter Marinello
    5: Charlie George
    6: 62K Chelsea
    7: John Radford
    8: Charlie George
    9: 16
    10: Jon Sammels to Leicester

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