Season Tickets On Sale at Arsenal, (24th July 1905)

By Tony Attwood

I missed this yesterday, but Yogi’s Warrior, who runs the excellent Arsenal on this Day site kindly pointed it out to me.   I am hoping he doesn’t mind if I take his kindness further and reprint the whole thing as it is a rather find instance of how widespread the interest in Arsenal was in the post Boer War period.



Season Tickets On Sale At Arsenal On This Day, 24th July 1905


The national press were taking an interest in the affairs of Woolwich Arsenal, and this all feels very civilised. The Daily Mirror were doing their bit to help the club along.

“What time is kick-off? When can you get here?”…


So there you are – a real case of you pays your money (although it doesn’t actually say how much) and takes your choice.

If this era of Arsenal’s history is to your taste, you really must get a copy of Woolwich Arsenal: the club that changed history.   No matter how much you think you know about Arsenal’s past, this book is going to turn your vision upside down.



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