Season Ticket Prices 1905/1906


In the season ticket article from you asked what the prices were in 1905. Well earlier in the pre-season on 30th June 1905 they were advertised in the Kentish Independent. Please see below.

At this time the skilled Royal Arsenal artisans would have been paid up to approx £3 a week, and the unskilled labourer at the Royal Arsenal in the region of £1 – £1.25 per week.

Mark Andrews


Kentish Independent 30 June 1905




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  1. Wow just loved this info. Following arsenal means not jus watching matches but also you need to know the deepness of the club and the most importannt is the history which each and every fans must need to know. I wish to see live arsenal match at the emirates one day. Though the price now may not be £3 :D. Cheers for whoever posted this information.

  2. Danny,

    During this period it was expected that a man worked and the woman stayed in the house to look after children.

    Women did of course work, but were generally paid less than men, hence the reduction in the price of the ticket. The pricing was based on the economic reality of the gender differential.

    The other reality was that the price went up after 31 July, because the club wanted as many people to buy early to be able to pay the wages in the summer, as they had little other income in the off season. By increasing the price by the end of July there was an incentive to buy the season tickets before that date.


  3. Mark, thanks, i kind of gathered it would be something like that but never knew they did it

    id like to see a 1% reduction for renewals for every season you have been going, thats a great idea

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