Arsenal History Quiz – answers

by Andy Kelly

The winners of the quiz where the prizes were two copies of Woolwich Arsenal: the club that changed football will be announced shortly. We’re going to give the answers over the next four days, with five answers each day.

So, here we go with answers to questions 1 to 5:

  1. Who captained Arsenal to three consecutive league titles in the 1930s?
    It was Alex James and not Eddie Hapgood as we explained recently.
  2. Which two Arsenal players scored their first goal for Arsenal in a Cup Final?
    Steve Morrow in the 1992-93 League Cup Final and Theo Walcott in the 2006-07 League Cup Final.
  3. The last player to score a hat-trick at home and away against the same opponents in the same season in the old First Division (i.e up to 1991-92) and the first player to do the same in the Premier League were both Arsenal players. Who were they?
    Ian Wright against Southampton in 1991-92 (his hat-trick at Highbury being on the last day of the season before the Premier League started). We then had to wait until 2007-08 for another player to accomplish this impressive feat. Emmanueal Adebayor managed this feat against Derby even though he only played as a second-half substitute in the away fixture.
  4. In the 1930-31 season, Arsenal scored a club record 127 league goals. They failed to score in only one league game. Who were their opponents?
    The only team to stop Arsenal scoring that season were Herbert Chapman’s previous team, Huddersfield Town.
  5. In which cup final did Arsenal field an all-English team?
    The 1988 League Cup Final when the following Englishmen represented Arsenal: Lukic, Winterburn, Sansom, Thomas, Caesar, Adams, Rocastle, Davis, Smith, Groves and Richardson. Martin Hayes also came on as a substitute.

Answers to questions 6 to 10 will appear tomorrow.

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  1. 5 out 5 so far….. I have made a bright start in my quest to get the most prestigious Arsenal Book

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