Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 2)

by Andy Kelly

Following on from yesterday’s answers, today we have the answers to questions 6 to 10:

6. Which famous referee and football administrator was president of Arsenal during the 1980s?
Sir Stanley Rous.

7. Who was the first player to play 100 league games for Woolwich Arsenal?
Gavin Crawford on 3rd Aprl 1897.

8. Of players who have played more than 30 first team competitive games for Arsenal, which player has the best goals scored per game ratio?
Henry Boyd who scored 32 goals in 41 Football League and FA Cup games between 1894 and 1896. This gave him an average 0.780 goals per game, ahead of Ted Drake with 0.755. We will also accept Harry Boyd by which name he was familiarly known.

9. Which player made his Arsenal first team debut more than 14 years after make his reserve team debut for the club?
Charlie Buchan. He made his reserve debut on 27th December 1909 but left the club before playing in the first team. He then re-joined Arsenal in 1925 and made his first team debut on 29th August 1925.

10. What do Arsenal players John Rutherford, David Herd and George Eastham have in common?
Some of you answered that they joined Stoke (as either player or manager) after leaving Arsenal. There were other players that did this so it’s not what we were looking for. The answer was that they all played in the same team as their father in at least one first class football match. John Rutherford with Jock Rutherford for Arsenal, David Herd with Alec Herd at Stockport and George Eastham with George Eastham at Ards in Northern Ireland

Answers to questions 11 to 15 will appear tomorrow.

10 Replies to “Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 2)”

  1. Oh my goodness!!!!! That was bad 5 set of questions for me. I got only HARRY BOYD’s answers right. Its 6 out of 10 for me so far.
    I have few doubts though:

    7] I read it on one of the article on this site that it was Frederick William Davis [and not Gavin Crawford]

    10] I dont know why Stoke answer cannot be considered because same way there will be more arsenal players who would have played in the same team as their father’s apart from these 3….. so it does’nt make much sense to vote Stoke’s answer as wrong.

  2. Hi Sampat

    7) That article was written some time ago and further investigation shows that it wasn’t right. Fred Davis wasn’t too far behind Gacin Crawford though.

    10) Maybe I didn’t make the answer clear enough. The three players mentioned played alongside their father in the same game for the same team. This is very rare, I think there has only been one other father/son combination who has played in English league football who has done the same.

    I’m impressed that you got Harry Boyd though. I’m in the middle of writing an article about him as he has an interesting story.


  3. Andrew:

    The blog should not be seen as a definitive statement – rather it is a way of discussing and working. The final version – or at least as final as we can ever make it appears in the books we produce. So “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” has updates on all the materials that is written on the blog.

    The blog is on going and ever changing – there is the search button within the blog so if anyone is looking for information on a particular topic that person can search there and read all the articles and see the dates.

    With the series on the managers, some updating is going on as the managers articles are pulled together into an index on their own page – but the final update again will be done within a book.


  4. I sense a conflict in the force here, as it appears the only place where the correct information is stored is in the book that Sampat is trying to win. He had no chance of getting it right, as the site he is entering the contest has the wrong information. Andrew.

  5. Mr Kelly,
    I stand corrected. Do I qualify for a free book as currently I am 10/10 in the quiz.

  6. Phew….. that was a tough one…. By the way can anyone update me on who the TOP 2 are at this stage in the competition.

  7. Very good quiz, guys!
    I’ve tripped up on at least three, to my knowledge.
    The very first question (!) , the player with the best games/goals ratio, going for Drake, and the question on what’s unique to Rutherford, Herd and Eastham only.
    Looks like I’ll be forking out for the book….

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