Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 4)

by Andy Kelly

And here we are, the final set of answers to the quiz. Thank you to all of you that entered.

The two deserving winners are Jamie H and Sampat Prabhudesai who got 16 and 14 questions correct respectively.

16. Arsenal’s longest serving captain is Tony Adams between 1988 and 2003. Which Arsenal player was/is the second longest serving captain?
Percy Sands who was captain for 9 seasons from 1906-07 to 1914-15.

17. Which future Arsenal player played as an emergency goalkeeper for his team against Arsenal at Highbury in 1991?
David Platt for Aston Villa on 3 April 1991 who took over in goal when Nigel Spink was injured.

18. Which Arsenal player scored four goals in a league game but was dropped for the FA Cup Final five days later?
David Halliday who scored four goals in the 6-6 draw with Leicester on 21 April 1930 but lost his place to Jack Lambert in the FA Cup Final on 26 April.

19. Which goalkeeper didn’t concede any goals in his first six league games for Arsenal?
Alex Manninger in 1997-98.

20. On 16 March 1935 Arsenal goalkeeper Frank Moss dislocated his shoulder during the game against Everton. As substitutes were not allowed one of his team mates replaced him and Moss played the rest of the game on the wing, going on to score a goal. Who replaced him in goal?
Eddie Hapgood (who kept a clean sheet).

4 Replies to “Arsenal History Quiz – answers (part 4)”

  1. Yo!!!!!!! I was disappointed after looking that it was not Joe Mercer but Percy Sands who is arsenal’s 2nd longest serving Captain….. But then I saw my name on top and THAT JUST MADE MY DAY. So the time I put for finding answers was worth it. But I’m still disappointed I got only 14 answers right and that someone got 16 answers right.

    By the way wasn’t Joe Mercer captain from 1946 to 1954? That will make it 9 seasons too…… OR wasn’t he captain in last few years at highbury?

    And how am I going to get copy of the book “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football”

  2. Mercer was captain from the start of the 1947-48 season when he took over from Leslie Compton. 1947-48 to 1953-54 = 7 seasons.

  3. @Andy
    By the way do I have choice of whether to choose one among “Woolwich Arsenal Book” and “Making the Arsenal”??
    And when am I going to get it?? I just cant wait to start reading it.

  4. To the winners:

    Please will you write me. and tell me

    1. Do you want the “Woolwich Arsenal” book or “Making the Arsenal”, or do you want to wait for the book on “Royal Arsenal” which will come out next year? (If you wait for Royal Arsenal, you will have your name in the book as a sponsor.

    2. Please in the same email confirm the postal address you want your prize sent to. The books are 23cm by 15cm and 3cm thick – so the package won’t fit through smaller letter boxes. Which means you might prefer to have the prize sent to a work address.

    3. I am very happy to sign the books and write in the fact that they are your prize for winning the competition – but if you DON’T want me to do that, again please say so in the email to me.

    We can despatch the books on Monday, so please let me know before then.

    Tony Attwood

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